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Who are we?

What or Who is NPUK?

Nintendo Players UK is an independent community, and the biggest fan run hub in the UK and Ireland which specialises in regular (free) physical events. 
NPUK does semi regular tournaments via our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/p77gGNC

Otherwise it is more of an umbrella for all the regional communities to come together. To find your local group, please go to The Map

During Covid times, we've moved completely online, so you can find all happenings on our Discord server as well as access to more local events. 

NPUK has an elected committee from the collection of admin/founders around the hub. This is to ensure that the hub can be run in the most efficient and progressive way possible. 





Interested in Making Your Own local NPUK Community? 

- Check where your nearest group is first to make sure you’re not treading on any toes!

- Do you have a passion for voluntary work and want to make a difference in your community?

- Are you confident talking to new people?

- Are you able to do public speaking, or would like to gain experience? 

- Do you have enough spare time to commit to the responsibility of running your own community?

- Get in touch by applying here!

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Nintendo love to hear about your community events.

Why not drop them an email and tell them what you’re doing.

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