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Founded in March 2014 (Formally StreetPass Basingstoke) An Independent group for Nintendo Fans in the Basingstoke, UK Area. Nintendo Basingstoke run monthly events related to all things Nintendo, Such as Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Splatoon Tournaments and events always featuring select games each month. Featuring Competitions, Mega Raffles, Tournaments, chit chat and challenges. Check out our pinned post or upcoming events for details of our upcoming adventures! We meet up once a month at the Discovery Centre Basingstoke and always feature a range of consoles from the NES up to the New Nintendo Switch and everything in between. Our events are the perfect way to find new friends and try out Multiplayer games in a family friendly environment, All are welcome. It is a perfect way to streetpass with the Nintendo 3DS or find and swap some friend codes. We are a friendly bunch of gamers of all ages, who all have a commen interest in all things Nintendo, If you do not fancy the events then you can still be involved, please feel free to use this group to join in and post your thoughts or questions. We also run a Discord group, to help discussions with playing online games and organising online tournaments or games nights. Please ask a member of ADMIN for an invite code if you are interested. ****RULES**** During Events we request that everyone behaves in a polite and correct manner at all times, We run family friendly events and anyone not in keeping with this will be asked to leave. All Children under 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult at ALL times, unfortunately this is a requirement and we are unable to change this. Please ensure that you keep all of your belongings with you at ALL times we are not in anyway responsible for lost items. And we ask you to respect and look after all equipment at the events at all times. The equipment is expensive and belongs to our team so please be careful with it. Please respect the group and its members, no flaming or swearing and if posting a meme please ensure it is appropriate. The Admin team will remove messages and ban people if required. As this is a Nintendo fan group please keep posts vaguely related to Nintendo, General gaming topics are fine if in the public interest but in general keep it linked to Nintendo in some way. If you are promoting an event or You Tube Channel please ensure that you ask the Admin team before posting, we rarely say no but we would always prefer you seek permission first. ****STAFF**** Founder & Group Manager: Anthony Haigh Event Co-Ordinator: Vicky Haigh Event & Tournament Co-Ordinator: Jeremy Beare Event & Tournament Support : Oliver Baldry Event Support: Pippa Haigh

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