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Nintendo Belfast is an independent group for Nintendo 3DS and Switch players in the Belfast region and beyond in Northern Ireland! We are part of the UK wide group, Nintendo Players UK. As a group, we plan events to get together and play Nintendo games and tournaments with each other! If you have any questions, queries or ideas, contact one of the admins - Kristen Mullan or Mark Snodden - and we'll be happy to help! *** IMPORTANT INFO – PLEASE READ! *** Even though we are independent from Nintendo, we still maintain their family friendly atmosphere in this group, meaning: - no bad language - videos/images that would be deemed inappropriate - comments that are hateful, harassing, abusive or anything discriminating against another member This is a group for talking about Nintendo-related games and media, though you can post anything that can be related to gaming and pop culture in context – we are not a sales group and don’t tolerate spamming. If you post anything against what’s mentioned above, it could lead to be removed and banned from the group! This is for the protection of all who use the group and not meant to be controlling at all – it’s awesome you came and the admin want to make this the best Nintendo Players group on Facebook! So be nice, kind and respect others, while enjoying the craic amongst everyone and gaming together!

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    Lowe Church Belfast, Upper Lisburn Road, Finaghy, Belfast, United Kingdom