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New Year SMASHin Brawlout


Basingstoke Discovery Centre



Let’s kick off the new year , with an all out SMASHing BRAWLOUT! With one of the WiiU’s most loved game and the SWITCH’s newest brawler, a Tournament with both games to find the best and see how BRAWLOUT fairs against the awesome SMASH! We will of course have lots more going on besides the tournament. Our 3DS lounge will be back for all you Pokémaniacs or those that have rediscovered Animal Crossing thanks to the new mobile app? we will have some retro available and our SWITCH table to help you link up with each other. Our amazing raffle will be back with some great prizes. As well as the Who’s in the Box comp to raise money for Special Effect. We also will be hostping our Swap Shop, although please see the post regarding SwapShop rules before bringing your items along.
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