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Breaking Bricks! // Bayonetta


One Life Left - Norwich Gaming Cafe



Woohoo! February has a couple of smokin’ releases! We’re gonna be playing them! We know not everyone is into their crafting, so we’re celebrating the building aspects of dragon quest builders by throwing in some old favourites! - Dragon Quest Builders Switch (one screen, please share screen time and co-op to make something beautiful!) - Puyo Puyo Tetris Tourney! Prize for the winner! Break those bricks! (We’ll be doing four players max on one screen) - Vs. Super Mario Bros. : go punch some bricks together! - Our babe Bayo is back! Play Bayonetta 1&2 - RAFFLE time! WIN A MARIO ODYSSEY POSTER SIGNED BY CHARLES MARTINET 💕 As always, bring your own Switch/3DS and games. Everyone welcome. If you’re new, please don’t be shy, we love meeting new faces! Please also support Jon and the team at One Life Left by purchasing a drink, and putting a smile on their faces!
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