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Let's Get Ready to Runbow! Feat: Nintendo Labo Play Test


One Life Left - Norwich Gaming Cafe, Norwich, UK



In a night of colLABOration (I'll see myself out), we will be celebrating the Switch release of Runbow (you can thank Gaz for the event name), play testing Nintendo Labo on launch day, and having a blast playing a bunch of collaborative/co-op games!

You can expect:
- Runbow Deluxe Edition
- Nintendo Labo
(lots of cardboard needed! This is a play test with the big kids, and we need your help fathoming how long certain projects take, so we can then deliver a dedicated event for the NNR kids & families at a later date).
- CO-OP Nindies! You name it, we'll play it!

More details to follow.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to One Life Left having a private booking during the day time, our event is LATER at 18.30. You won't be able to get into the venue beforehand.

See you on the 27th y'all! Bring your best origami game!