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Battle Royale in the LABO!


Basingstoke Discovery Centre



This month will see Nintendo Basingstoke host a battle royale! We will have a huge amount of fighting games in the ring from street fighter to Arms with everything in between and yes Smash will be in there! you won’t know what type of fight it is going to be, it could be old or it could be new! Who will be the victor in this battle royale? There will also be your first chance to e experience amazing Nintendo LABO! We will have the RC cars available for you to ‘Battle’ within a sumo arena! Or a time trial around our racetrack! It’s a fun experience you just have to try out! As well as all of this ‘Fun’ we will have our huge raffle! And who’s in the box competition to help raise money for Special Effect, helping disabled children enjoy the gift of gaming. Our 3DS lounge will return, and of course our events would not be the same without cakes! We hope to see you there, so roll up your sleeves and prepare for the fight of your life? Well maybe?
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