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Nintendo Derry May Meetup


150 Strand Rd, Londonderry, UK



Nintendo Derry are back!

Charge up those 3DSes or Switches and come join us at the Sainsburys café on Strand Road, for a chilled out day of multiplayer gaming with your fellow Nintendo fans Both the Switch and 3DS are equipped with WiFi, which allows you to play with other players who own the same game wirelessly.


So! Whether your passion is Monster Hunter, Pokémon, Smash 4, Animal Crossing, or thrashing people on Splatoon 2 ; you're bound to find someone to share your passion and share a game with.

If it's a good day we may even take to Quay to indulge in some Pokémon Go shenanigans. The only thing we ask is that you make a purchase from the canteen if you attend (even if it's just a coke or coffee). This is to thank Sainsburys for letting us use their space

Hope to see you there!