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NintendoSouthend's July meet


The Alex, Alexandra Street, Southend-on-Sea, UK



(Important info: In order to keep our events at The Alex, please help them out by purchasing your food and drink there on the day.)

NintendoSouthend will be back at The Alex on Sunday 22nd July with a meetup with all the usual multiplayer goodness of Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Puyo Puyo Tetris and Super Bomberman R.

Everyone is more than welcome to bring along your 2DS/3DS's as well for some StreetPasses and Download Play multiplayer games too.

Don't forget to bring your chargers, as the tables have power plug sockets built-in. ***All we ask is that you help The Alex out by purchasing your food and drink there on the day.***

There will be competitions on the day for some rather nice Nintendo-based prizes.

More details about this meet will be posted soon, so stay tuned!!

See you all at The Alex on the 22nd!!


As all Splatoon 2 players know, the last few Splatfests have been yawn-fests, with their Ketchup Vs. Mayo, Chicken Vs Egg, and, more recently OJ with pulp Vs. OJ without pulp, so, here at NintendoSouthend, we're taking it upon ourselves to make our own Splatfest. There will be a nice Splatoon-based prize for each member of the winning side.

But we're calling upon all the members of NintendoSouthend to come up with a topic for the Splatfest (we need to keep it nice and friendly as Nintendo Players UK will be interested in the outcome), some examples can be something a bit local like The Royals Shopping Centre Vs. The Victoria Shopping Centre, Rossi Ice Cream Vs. McDonalds' McFlurry or possibly even, Southend Central Train Station Vs Southend Victoria Train Station, etc...