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Chill out Christmas


The Tea Bar, London Road, Basingstoke, UK



It is that time of year again where we all stuff ourselves with tinsel and turkey! And go mad with the shopping and party schedules!

So we are planning a chill out session at the Tea Bar! Space will be very limited however so it’s more of a drop in/out event to say hi and Happy Christmas! 

We will have a Santa sack lucky dip for those who drop in! We will undoubtedly have Smash fun on the tv and enjoy friendly battles and trades with Let’s Go Pokémon! and really any other game you fancy!

If you visit please make sure you purchase some food and drink from the tea bar, and be respectful to the other customers 😜


Do not fear our usual events will be back in January with a Bang! And a full on Smash tournament! So get practicing as soon as it’s in your grubby Christmas mittens!