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SMASHing New Year!


Basingstoke Discovery Centre, Potters Walk, Basingstoke, UK



Now that the Christmas Festivities are over and a bright New Year is ahead of us, we thought it was time we got the Ultimate New Old game out for a tournament!
Of course I am talking about SMASH Bros Ultimate on the Switch.
From what I can see on Twitter, Discord and Facebook you all have been putting some serious time into this game, and that's good as we want to see you go all out!
Don't worry if you fear you will not make the cut, if there is enough players we will run a novice tournament as well.
Tournament Rules will be posted the week before the tournament as well as a way to sign up if you are eager!

If SMASH is not your thing, then do not worry there will be other fabulous games maybe a bit of Pokémon Battling? and maybe a silly challenge or two, and maybe some retro to get your teeth into.
Our Raffle will return with some great prizes, and of course 'Who's on the Box' raising more money for Special Effect.

So if you know anyone who got a Switch or 3DS for Christmas, or someone who just likes games bring them along and introduce them to our community, even if you don't own a console you can still join in the fun