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Loving SMASHing it at Karting


Basingstoke Discovery Centre, Potters Walk, Basingstoke, UK



Our New Event is to show some love to two of the best games on the Switch and seeing as its on Valentines weekend we want the Love to flow!

First up is the beloved Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a tournament of the best tracks and the loved blue shell! but not only that we will have a special Couples challenge, can you and a partner play together? 


Following on from our amazing Smash event last time we are doing it again! only this time its teams! we want you to either come as a team of three or come on your own and we will put you in a team!

The rules will be posted soon and trust me you will want to enter this one! more details to come soon!


Not only two of the biggest games there are but we will also have some retro  with the NES Mini! Our Who's in the Box will again have another Plush inside, who will claim the prize this month? 

And we already have some awesome prizes ready for the Raffle.


So get hold of some friends, drag along a loved one or maybe even bring your mum! and share the love with the best loved games there are!