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Reggie's Leaving Drinks!


One Life Left - Norwich Gaming Cafe, Norwich, UK



Nintendo Norwich and One Life Left present to you Reggie's Leaving Drinks!

After 15 years, Reggie's body is ready to retire from his role as President of Nintendo of America, on 15th April 2019, so we're gonna be giving him a rousing send-off!

Reggie himself has been invited but we're still awaiting his RSVP...

Bring your Nintendo Switch and 2/3DS Systems, and play a variety of the latest and most popular Nintendo releases.

- Raffle on the Night! (50p per ticket, all proceeds go back into the raffle fund for future events)
- More Activities and Competitions TBA...

As always, please support your local neighbourhood gaming cafe by purchasing a drink on arrival.
We will be taking photo and video footage for our Socials, Nintendo Players UK and Nintendo UK community calendars/round-ups throughout the course of the evening. If you would wish to not be featured, please let us know!


You can find out more about Nintendo Norwich and it's sibling communities at https://nintendoplayers.uk