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Yoshi's Great Egg Hunt!


Wheldon, Bangor, UK



It's close to Easter, and with the recent release of Yoshi's crafted world, we couldn't help but throw a Yoshi themed event with Easter egg hunt!


Please note that entrance to the venue will NOT be permitted before 11.30am! 

Find the yoshi eggs to claim your Easter eggs! :D 

The egg hunt is FREE entry, but in order to participate, you must bring something Yoshi themed with you! (It could be a plush, an amiibo, an accessory, an item of clothing (including hats/socks), even your own yoshi egg. (Note we will NOT be permitting drawings of eggs, as this is what you'll be looking for in the hunt!) - If you're in doubt about what you're able to bring, just get in touch with us on our social media channels :) 

Instead of the usual raffle, we'll be selling Easter themed cakes for 50p each. 


The games of the day will be freeplay, but we'll be featuring Yoshi's Crafted World (If it's not on one of the screens when you turn up, feel free to request it!)