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Blasting Bubbles, Blocks & Bombs!


Basingstoke Discovery Centre, Potters Walk, Basingstoke, UK



This month we are going back to old school gaming! With an awesome tournament to show off your Block stacking, bubble popping, bomb blasting, colour matching, stress inducing skills! As we take on some of the best classics the switch has to offer! Tetris, Poyu POP, Tumble Stone and Bomber Man!
Each will be played in groups of 4 with points awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Place! At the end of four rounds the top players will go onto Fusion!

We will of course have SMASH Corner! Where players are free to take on each other! Christian will have another Challenge! (This section needs its own theme tune, like a game show!) Not only that we will try out the awesome StarLink new StarFox Race Mode!

We will of course have our awesome raffle! And raise money for Special Effects with our ‘Who’s in the Box?’ Competition. Cakes and retro free play!