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Make it Mario!


One Life Left - Norwich Gaming Cafe, Saint Benedicts Street, Norwich, UK



Your friendly Nintendo community of Norwich and Norfolk are bringing you a launch celebration of Mario Maker 2, plus a Mario Kart Tournament!

Whether you’re a frequent Nintendo player, or curious about the Nintendo switch, or like gaming in general, all are welcome to come down to One Life Left and try the game for size! You can ask us questions, join in multiplayer co-op, or just soak up the atmosphere of gaming!

In the spirit of making and generosity, there will be a small SpecialEffect fundraiser of handmade Nintendo goodies... all proceeds will go to our favourite gaming charity 🥳 If you are a local maker or artist and willing to donate a little something to our fundraiser, please contact Nintendo Norwich directly.

Fair use rules apply: Please support One Life Left by purchasing a drink on arrival before using the community screens.

See you all on the 29th! Put your overalls and helmets on, and be ready to make!