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MAKING an ACE event


Basingstoke Discovery Centre, Potters Walk, Basingstoke, UK



We are MAKING a great new event for the month of July!
Mario and Luigi are out in force, and to celebrate the Wimbledon Final we will be running a Mario Tennis Aces Tournament on the Big Screen! Who will be the Ace of our Group?

Running Along side this we will have an awesome Mario Maker Competition with a special surprise! Final Details of this will be launched soon but there will be three ways to enter! Two during the event and one to prepare for at home! There will be a theme to follow and we want to see the best and most imaginative courses possible not necessarily the most difficult!

For Difficulty we will leave that to Jeremy! as Christian is away travelling the globe Jeremy is taking up the Challenge mantle! with the most fiendish course on Mario Maker you can imagine! Can you beat it?

Our amazing raffle will return with some interesting prizes and Who's in the Box will return with a great plushie up for grabs by helping out Special Effect Charity.

And Cakes! they have been missing due to pressures of time the last few months but hopefully you will see a return!