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SMASHing September


Basingstoke Discovery Centre, Potters Walk, Basingstoke, UK



September is rolling in and the cool nights will soon be upon us, with a calm and restful Autumn! Not so for our first Autumn event though!
We are Smashing it BIG TIME!

The gates are opening once again on a Smash Tournament! Full on fun will commence as we pit you against each other pushing the rules of friendship to the max!

We also want you to get your best Amiibo out and start training as we are going to run them their own tournament! will your favourite plastic model match you in victory?

The fun wont stop there though! This month the Challenge section is going to hosted by Jack! with a tricky fastest lap challenge from Crash Team Racing!

We will also have an awesome raffle with some amazing prizes! and our resident 'Who's in the Box?' competition to help raise money for the amazing Special Effects Charity!

And screens permitting we will have some Retro Goodies for you to reminisce with.