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6th Birthday Party


Basingstoke Discovery Centre, Potters Walk, Basingstoke, UK



We can hardly believe that March marks the 6th Birthday of Nintendo Basingstoke! all those years ago when we first met in the head office at GAME in Basingstoke we would never have thought we were about to start such a journey!
So we are celebrating in the only way a Nintendo group can and that's with Mario Party! we will be taking a look at as many of the Mario Party games through the ages as we can! Hopefully there will be lots of presents (well maybe?) balloons! and yes CAKE I promise to bring CAKE!
There will be our cool Raffle with some Mystery Birthday Prizes! and Who's in the Box will return helping to raise money for Special Effect Charity! as well as SMASH, and if you enjoy Pokémon make sure you bring your consoles along as there is always someone wanting to trade or Battle.