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NSW x NGS Crown Tundra Tournament


Swansea, United Kingdom



To celebrate the release of The Crown Tundra DLC, Nintendo South Wales and Nintendo Gloucestershire are teaming up for a Pokemon Sword & Shield tournament on Saturday, 28th November, from 6:00PM onwards. There'll be Nintendo eShop credit for the best-performing players, and the more trainers that participate, the more prizes we'll be able to give out. Sign up closes 12PM, midday on 28th Nov. Read on for full details: --------------------- How to Sign Up --------------------- ▪️ Sign Up / Submit a Team: https://tinyurl.com/CrownTundraTour ▪️ Challonge Bracket: https://challonge.com/NGSNSWCTT ▪️ Match Result Declarations: https://discord.gg/MsbRkNGVyp --------- Rules --------- ▪️ Must own Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield to enter. ▪️ Doubles VGC: Pokemon Ranked Battles Series 7 Ruleset ▪️ Two-stage tournament: Swiss > Single-elimination knockout. ▪️ No. of Swiss rounds to be informed by entrant numbers. ▪️ Trainers will be randomly paired against another opponent for the first round of matches.in the next round, the winners play a winner, and the losers play a loser. In each su▪️ bsequent round, the tournament attempts to match players of equal record with each other, without repeating games. ▪️ If two players are tied after round 1, their versus record, followed by their remaining Pokemon tally will be used to determine position. ▪️ The top 8 will progress to the single-elimination knockout round. ▪️ Best-of-3 matches. Final: Best-of-5 ▪️ Battle Teams: 6 Pokemon max ▪️ You must use your declared Battle Team throughout the Tournament ▪️ Duplicate Pokemon are not allowed ▪️ Duplicate held items are not allowed ▪️ Pokemon must possess the black Galar or battle-ready symbol ▪️ Pokemon may have the Gigantamax factor ▪️ Only items and moves obtained in Sword and Shield are eligible ▪️ Pokemon will be auto-leveled to Lv. 50. ▪️ The following Pokemon caught / hatched in Pokemon Sword and Shield are eligible: [a] Galar Pokédex numbers: #001–397 [b] Isle of Armor Pokédex numbers: #001-210 [c] Crown Tundra Pokédex numbers: #001:-209 ▪️ Banned Pokemon: Mewtwo. Mew. Lugia. Ho-oh. Celebi. Kyogre. Groudon. Rayquaza. Jirachi. Dialga. Palkia. Giratina. Victini. Reshiram. Zekrom. Kyurem. Keldeo. Genesect. Xerneas. Yveltal. Solgaleo. Lunala. Necrozma. Magearna. Marshadow. Zeraora. Meltan. Malmetal. Zacian. Zamazenta. Eternatus. Zarude. Calyrex. ▪️ Team Preview: 90 seconds ▪️ Your Time: 7 mins max ▪️ Selection Time: 90 seconds ▪️ Turn Time: 60 seconds --------- Prizes --------- ▪️ 8-15 entrants: £10.00 eShop for 1st place ▪️ 16-31 entrants: £10.00 eShop for 1st place + £10 for 2nd place ▪️ 32+ entrants: £20.00 eShop for 1st place. £10 eShop for 2nd
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