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Crown Tundra Tourney - Pokémon SwSh [NGSxNSW Online]


Gloucester Guildhall, Eastgate Street, Gloucester, United Kingdom



To celebrate the release of The Crown Tundra DLC, Nintendo South Wales and Nintendo Gloucestershire are teaming up for a Pokemon Sword & Shield tournament on Saturday, 28th November, from 6:00PM onwards. There'll be Nintendo eShop credit for the best-performing players, and the more trainers that participate, the more prizes we'll be able to give out. You have until Saturday 28th November at 12pm (Midday) to submit your registration form. Read on for full details: --------------------- How to Sign Up --------------------- ▪️ Sign Up / Submit a Team: https://tinyurl.com/CrownTundraTour ▪️ Challonge Bracket: https://challonge.com/NGSNSWCTT ▪️ Match Result Declarations: https://discord.gg/MsbRkNGVyp --------- Rules --------- ▪️ Must own Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield to enter. ▪️ Doubles VGC: Pokemon Ranked Battles Series 7 Ruleset ▪️ Two-stage tournament: Swiss > Single-elimination knockout. ▪️ No. of Swiss rounds to be informed by entrant numbers. ▪️ Trainers will be randomly paired against another opponent for the first round of matches.in the next round, the winners play a winner, and the losers play a loser. In each su▪️ bsequent round, the tournament attempts to match players of equal record with each other, without repeating games. ▪️ If two players are tied after round 1, their versus record, followed by their remaining Pokemon tally will be used to determine position. ▪️ The top 8 will progress to the single-elimination knockout round. ▪️ Best-of-3 matches. Final: Best-of-5 ▪️ Battle Teams: 6 Pokemon max ▪️ You must use your declared Battle Team throughout the Tournament ▪️ Duplicate Pokemon are not allowed ▪️ Duplicate held items are not allowed ▪️ Pokemon must possess the black Galar or battle-ready symbol ▪️ Pokemon may have the Gigantamax factor ▪️ Only items and moves obtained in Sword and Shield are eligible ▪️ Pokemon will be auto-leveled to Lv. 50. ▪️ The following Pokemon caught / hatched in Pokemon Sword and Shield are eligible: [a] Galar Pokédex numbers: #001–397 [b] Isle of Armor Pokédex numbers: #001-210 [c] Crown Tundra Pokédex numbers: #001:-209 ▪️ Banned Pokemon: Mewtwo. Mew. Lugia. Ho-oh. Celebi. Kyogre. Groudon. Rayquaza. Jirachi. Dialga. Palkia. Giratina. Victini. Reshiram. Zekrom. Kyurem. Keldeo. Genesect. Xerneas. Yveltal. Solgaleo. Lunala. Necrozma. Magearna. Marshadow. Zeraora. Meltan. Malmetal. Zacian. Zamazenta. Eternatus. Zarude. Calyrex. ▪️ Team Preview: 90 seconds ▪️ Your Time: 7 mins max ▪️ Selection Time: 90 seconds ▪️ Turn Time: 60 seconds --------- Prizes --------- ▪️ 8-15 entrants: £10.00 eShop for 1st place ▪️ 16-31 entrants: £10.00 eShop for 1st place + £10 for 2nd place ▪️ 32+ entrants: £20.00 eShop for 1st place. £10 eShop for 2nd
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