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We Are Back!


The White Hart, Basingstoke, UK



As promised, We are back with a full event in just a couple of weeks!
Please join us on the 27th Nov at our new venue The White Hart at 12 noon.
We are going to kick off with something Ollie and I have been itching to do since its launch, and due to Covid we have not been able to, come and join in the real life Karting with Mario Kart Live GP!
Also we will be getting into the Party season with Mario Party, so join in and make some new enemy's Opps I mean friends!
And to help us keep this ball rolling now we have got it going there will be some fun Monkey Ball Challenges!
And don't forget the raffle and Who's in the Box raising money for Safe in our world mental health Charity!
For clarification, this is a full on, in person event being held at the White Hart in Basingstoke, just a short walk from the town center and all the public transport, just next to the War Memorial Park at the top of town, we request that Covid vaccinations are complete or that a negative Covid test has been done in the last 24 hours to help keep people safe. and during the event that you only handle your own equipment unless permission has been given. the reason for a change in venue is that at present holding events at the Library is not possible.
We really hope you are able to attend and please do share this event with your friends, make sure everyone that is interested in our events is informed so that no one is left out, Facebook has a habit of hiding notifications so please don't assume people will know make sure they do! and we can make this return amazing