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Pub games at The Barrelman


The Barrelman, Commercial Street, Dundee, UK



It's time for Nintendo Dundee's momentous return to real life events. Our first in-person gathering since we exited the great flu season of 2020.
Clubhouse Games (51 minigames on 1 cart!) is the ideal genre for a chill, wholesome gaming session down at the pub. 
The Barrelman has a generous array of large tables ideal for gamers to sprawl out on. Event starts at 1pm until whenever.
Portable local play only, as there are no televisions on offer to hijack. But on the plus side, Clubhouse Games has a welcome download play feature. Be sure to download Clubhouse Games Guest Pass (for free) from the Nintendo Eshop beforehand and up to 4 people can play using 1 copy of the game.