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5 Tips for Fire Emblem Heroes- by Aveyn Knight of Sereneforest.net

Written by Aveyn_Knight

It’s been just over 6 months since the release of Fire Emblem Heroes and much has happened in that time. With lots of special in-game events happening and Fire Emblem Warriors fast approaching, we asked our resident Fire Emblem Hero and head of Serenes Forest, Aveyn Knight, to put together 5 tips for newcomers who may be starting out on their Fire Emblem Heroes journey!

Article written by Aveyn Knight.

Near the beginning of February 2017, Nintendo launched Fire Emblem Heroes, which brought the classic turn-based Fire Emblem gameplay to smart devices.

Whether you’re new to Fire Emblem Heroes or you’ve been playing for a while, we’ve gathered some useful tips that will hopefully, help you become a better strategist–which in turn will boost your enjoyment of the game!

1) Strive for Balance

Eventually, your team should be capable of handling any and all threats.

We’ll start with an easy one. During the early stages of the game, it’s easy to plough through enemies with any four Heroes you want. Later on, as enemies get tougher and more varied as well as when you enter unpredictable battlefields like the Arena, you will want a good balance of Heroes.

You should focus on the colour triangle first, seen on the bottom right corner of the screen. So, ideally, you want a Red (Sword/Red Tome/Red Dragon), Green (Axe/Green Tome/Green Dragon) and Blue (Lance/Blue Tome/Blue Dragon) unit to counter all possible colours. The fourth unit can be any colour or Colourless (Bow/Dagger/Staff), depending on your preferences or to counter the foes you don’t like seeing.

Next, you’ll want a mix of physical and magical units in your team. Physical units deal damage based off the enemy’s Defence stat and include Sword, Lance, Axe, Bow and Dagger users. Meanwhile magical units target the enemy’s Resistance stat and include Tome, Staff and Dragon units. Having a mixture lets you deal with foes with high Defence and Resistance respectively.

Finally, it wouldn’t hurt to have a long-ranged unit–in other words a Bow, Dagger or Tome users. That way, you can deal damage to common close-range units (Sword, Lance, Axe and Dragon) without receiving damage yourself. For most high-end battles, you can also forgo a Staff user (and thus the option to heal) to maximise your offence.

2) Add a Dancer or Singer to your Team

Dance and Sing can help both offensively and defensively.

Are you ever frustrated when one of your powerhouses is a few HP short of KOing a tricky enemy? Or do you get annoyed when you can’t engage the enemy, without positioning your units dangerously in their attack range?

In situations like these, it could be immensely helpful to have a unit with the Dance or Sing skill in your team of 4. Units with these skills can allow another unit who has already taken an action to move again during the same turn.

Currently, the only heroes with Dance or Sing abilities are Olivia, Azura and Ninian. Although the latter two are notoriously hard to find, Olivia is a fairly common 3 or 4-Star Hero, who also appears in a Hero Battle every 10 days or so (where she can be recruited).

3) Try to Participate in the Arena!

Separate rewards are given for your high score, rank and successful defenses.

The Arena is a place where you can battle against other players’ teams, randomly selected from across the globe and controlled by the AI. You need a Dueling Sword to participate in the Arena and each day you will start with exactly 3 Dueling Swords. Getting a good score in the Arena will earn you a number of Hero Feathers at the end of each season, which lasts a week.

Playing in the Arena does not consume stamina and you will always have 3 Dueling Swords on each new day. So there’s no excuse not to enter three times per day (or at least until you get a decent winning streak). Otherwise, you’re wasting your Dueling Swords.

Outside of special events and quests, the Arena is the only reliable place to obtain Hero Feathers, which are required to upgrade Heroes. As we wager you know by now, it’s not easy summoning 5-star Heroes, but thankfully you can use your hard-earned Hero Feathers (in conjunction with badges from the Training Tower) to increase the star rarity of any Heroes you summon at lower rarities.

Heroes can be upgraded from 1-star to 2-star, 2-star to 3-star, etc. all the way up to 5-star. It costs 20,000 Hero Feathers for the final upgrade to 5-stars, which isn’t a paltry amount, so if you haven’t already done so, definitely don’t delay and start earning those feathers pronto! Anyway, we recommended visiting the Arena once you’ve exhausted your stamina, as it’s also a fun place to wind down.

4) Don’t Fear the Higher Difficulty Modes

As soon as your team is ready, remember to redo maps on higher difficulties.

After completing each chapter of the main story, you will unlock Hard and Lunatic versions of those chapters, where enemies are 10 and 20 levels higher respectively.

At first, you probably won’t be able to handle these tougher chapters and it’s tempting to completely forget about them. However, as you progress through the story and level up your heroes, it’s a smart idea to return to earlier chapters and do them on higher difficulties.

Hard and Lunatic maps count as separate maps and thus reward you with Orbs for the first completion. A good time to start Hard Mode is when you reach Chapter 6 on Normal; likewise, when you reach Chapter 9 on Normal, you can start doing Chapter 1 on Lunatic. More Orbs means more attempts at summoning those 5-star Heroes, which in turn will hopefully beef up your squad for further challenges down the line.

5) Be Happy with Your Heroes!

Nino is a common Green Mage who grows into an exceptional unit.

Last but not least, due to the nature of the game (and the way probability works in general), very often you may not get the Heroes you want. Especially if you’re not spending a penny–and even those who spend a lot don’t necessarily get the Heroes they always want.

As such, try not to be disheartened or disappointed if this happens. Additionally, some Heroes who seem useless at first may actually prove to be useful. Whether by training and building them up or by using them as sacrificial fodder for Skill Inheritance.

Like we illustrated in the pictures above, Nino is a very good example of a Hero you can expect to summon fairly frequently as a 3 or 4-star–and although she doesn’t have the recognition of more famous characters like Marth, Ike and Lucina, she’s a top-tier unit in her own right. If trained, her high Attack and Speed stats make her a potent glass cannon and her Gronnblade skill provides a major damage boost when Nino is buffed by allies.

Regardless, somewhere out there, somebody is sure to be jealous of your Heroes, just like you’re jealous of the Heroes you don’t have. Therefore, it’s best to remain happy with what you’ve got. This will be beneficial in keeping your interest in the game, as it can be all too easy to fall into a rut.

In Closing

Of course, this is just the beginning; there are many, many more considerations to think about as you delve deeper into the game. In the near future, we’d love to discuss tips for more advanced players! Thanks for reading and let us know if you’d like more tips about other Nintendo titles in the future!


Fire Emblem Heroes is available to download on IOS and Android Smart devices.