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A little update about the Just Dance Off!

Written by Jen

We just felt the need to put out an update regarding the Just Dance off, in case you were wondering where it had got to!

For those of you who have been enjoying our Just Dance off Tournament with Ubisoft over the last two months we would like to say a huge thank you we have had 10 very deserving winners and are so very impressed with the level of excellence in dancing! Check out our socials to see if you measure up, and remember it’s not just about the high score!


If however you are suffering withdrawal symptoms, or you’ve realised March is missing? Do not worry, we have got it covered!

Just Dance Off will return soon, we are taking a short break to look at things and see if we can improve them! If you have any thoughts then please drop us a message at NPUK and we will ensure they are taken into consideration when meeting with Ubisoft soon! 


Keep an eye on our socials for more details soon!