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A Roundup of Mental Health Week 2022

Written by Jen

Thank you to all who’ve contributed in some way to help make Nintendo Players UK’s Mental Health Awareness Week one to remember!

Together we can get the conversations going about mental health and carry that on throughout the year. 

Nintendo Players UK is an inclusive community hub, which proudly supports inclusivity and safe spaces for gamers to meet and enjoy their games with like-minded people. We’re also proud that under this one hub, we have such independent and diverse communities that are able to work together for a common cause.

Established in summer 2013, the hub was set up with the aim of bringing people together, and almost a decade later, we are still flourishing every day. The hub and its individual communities have weathered a pandemic, streamlined operations, and stand true in the power of our ethos. Long may it continue!

We started the week off with a special podcast where Jen told her story about how she got fit through video games, then, throughout the week some of our members shared their experiences of mental health and video gaming in a series of short videos. We boosted our fundraising efforts through streams for Tetris 99, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Monster Hunter Rise, Nobody Saves the World, and our own take on ITV’s hit quiz show “The Chase”, hosted by Mark McAllister and featuring contestants from NPUK’s individual communities.

We’re grateful for all the support shown, as we break down the stigma of talking about mental health.

Some of our members also shared their words about mental health and video games:

"In particular, Animal Crossing: New Horizons helped my mental health by becoming daily therapy. The relaxed vibe of the game can calm me and put me in a good mood." Sleepyfox

“Countless Games Have helped me through the years” Kyle

“My community rallied around me during the [harder times]” Emily

“It can be quite a lonely place, even when you’ve got people around you.” Adam 


Our totals at the end of the week surpassed our original target. We raised £333.69 and sold a grand total of 235 raffle tickets.

Congratulations to the rest of the NPUK committee for pulling together a fantastic campaign, and a particular thank you to Mark for leading the cause. 

Although Mental Health Awareness Week is done for 2022, mental health is always around us, and it’s our responsibility as Nintendo Players UK to provide a safe space for people to enjoy their favourite games and to connect with other like-minded people.