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A Slightly Longer Talk With...Rueben Langdon, the voice of Ken Masters

Written by StreetPass UK
Faz from Nintendo Players UK became a world warrior and sparred with a legendary martial artist, Rueben Langdon!
The voice of Ryu's Rival, Ken Masters! As well as a certain Demon hunter.
We speak with Reuben to celebrate Ken's arrival in Super Smash Bros Ultimate!
Special thanks to Reuben Langdon for taking part in this little Interview! 
Follow him on Twitter here! https://twitter.com/ReubenLangdon


Faz - Would you like to to see Dante make it to Super Smash Bros Ultimate and maybe even face Bayonetta in Big Battlefield?


Reuben - I’ve been tweeting and calling for a Bayonetta vs Dante Matchup for years and if it happens in Super Smash Bros then all the more. Let’s Do it. Yeh I would love to see Dante in Super Smash Bros.



Faz- Thank you so much for answering my questions and we’ll get into some of the fan questions.


Faz- Bill Howdon asked from our Instagram – How did you feel about Ken and Ryu in Smash Bros in Ultimate?


Reuben - Well erm, the first obvious reason is a get another paycheck, but uh yeh great to see characters make crossovers in games like Dante in Marvel vs Capcom, I wished Ken was in there too, it’s great to see these characters and it’s a lot of fun, it’s a blast, it’s great to see characters cross platforms, and cross game worlds and see of these character in Wreck it Ralph. It’s a lot of fun, to see and experience it’s great doing the work but get to appreciate it as a fan as well.


Faz- Daniel Alan asks “Do you like Pizza and what is your favourite?”

Reuben I do like pizza uh I’m a vegetarian so…err.. Margherita


Faz- Ooo, nice choice, I guess to add on, who has the better Pizza, the Us or Japan?


Reuben: MMM…it’s hard to say they both have really awesome places to eat pizza, hmmm, it depends where you go. I can’t say one is better than the other so it depends where you go.


Faz: Chris Mason is a cosplayer and had cosplayed Ken a couple of years back. – What is your favourite character you’ve voiced?


Reuben: Errrr, Dante is a lot of fun, so is Ken, Dante has, he’s super natural he’s a half demon half human, you know fighting demons from the underworlds. There’s less boundries and when you have a character where you can do whatever, summon the powers of hell to fight bad guys whatever it is, what else you can ask for?  Ken is awesome too he’s but there’s just a lot more craziness that goes on with the Dante character to explore and go into.



Faz : Millie Wakoma asks, How did you get into VA’s?


Faz: Oli young asks you ever wanted to fight the Green Ranger? I’m assuming he meant by the green zeo ranger but he might mean Jason David Frank.


Reuben: I don’t think so, no I’ve been on panals at conventions with Jason and he’s a pretty cool guy, and I have no reason to fight him. If I would he’d probably kick my  a** he’s an MMA guy and probably crush my skull *haha*


Faz: What about Jonny Yong Bosch?

Reuben: Again no reason to fight him too!


Faz: Elliot Shuttleworth- His Favourite Stunt he’s been in?

Reuben: I’ve never really thought about that, Just recently I was in Guatemala filming a documentary, and I was shot at…we’re talking about stunts but this was probably the most amount of adrenaline I’ve had in my life. There’s a lot of to say, Fighting Jackie Chan was one of my favourite highlights of my life and doing stunts with Samo’s Hung team was amazing highlights it’s hard to say a favourite.


Stunts really hurt so it’s kinda hard to really like them?


Faz: I guess to make it easier to ask is favourite stunts in the game?

Reuben: Yeeeeh, erm, a lot of that stuff, is just fighting or flying, there’s a scene in Devil May Cry where we were running down I was on the wire, We used wires to suspend me enough to make it looks like I wasn’ running down the walls? Instead of actually running down a wall


Faz: Yes, I think I know which one you were talking about is this the one with the guns?


Reuben: Yeh, yeh running down the wall, shooting, jumping off the wall you and from one scene on to the next.



Faz: Armadeus – Who would you main in Street Fighter and what is your game in both?

It’s Ken!


Faz: Mattias Toth – when was the last time he actually said “Jackpot” and Haduken?

Reuben: I think I said it a few days ago, I was at the Devil May Cry 5 Launch party and of course, it’s one of the most requested out there.


Faz: Abi Zya Gourlay- What is he favourite scene/ voiced in DMC /Street Fighter?

Reuben : Errrr, it’s err….oh wait it’s a spoiler, never mind.

Faz: Haha, I guess to help my favourite scene is in Devil May Cry 4, I think it’s the Play Scene.

Reuben: Yeh.

Faz: It seems like such a hokey scene to see but it’s feels like how I’d expect Dante to act.

Reuben: For context, that scene is so…Japanese and Eugene is a Japanese native and is a big fan of Takanazuka, which is a style of plays in Japan. Where the females dress up like men and play male roles. Type of stage acting. It’s a very different type of stage acting and very popular in Japanese culture.  But the presentation and the style and that’s how it all came about was all based on that. Which was very difficult to translate and I know what it was, I’ve lived in Japan, but not a ton of people outside of japan didn’t know what that was. So we when we’re localising that scene, we left the scene as is and it’ turned out to be one my favourites too. You should go check out Takanuzuka  online or whenever you go to Japan. I believe it originated in Osaka, if you like it that scene you should check it out too.

Faz: The Last part of her question is Lady or Trish?

Reuben: In what sense?

Faz: Good Question, I guess we’re going to have to leave that one as is.

Reuben: Leave that one open ended.

Faz: For anybody wanting to get into Voice acting or Motion capture, what is the most important thing?

Reuben: First and foremost, ask yourself, “Do you love acting, do you love performing”. It’s for of Motion capture, an extension of acting, first and most ask yourself, “Do you love acting?” If you don’t, cross it off your list. If you do, keep going, keep doing what you’re doing. Keep learning, go to schools, take lessons, training  and watch movies, keep doing whatever you can in the performance field and you will be guided naturally and fall into video game motion capture and voice over and video game voice and be in the video game realm naturally by sticking with your passion.


Faz: Thank you Rueben for your time and all the questions and the revelations. Where can everybody find you?

Reuben: You can find me on my website at: http://reubenlangdon.com/

Faz: I have a pretty active Facebook account, I have and Instagram and a twitter. 

Thank you everyone for your patience for transcript, if you have anyone else you’d like us to interview don’t forget to tag us on any of our social media too and as always Happy Gaming everyone! Bye!


Reuben: Bye!