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Celebrate 23 Years of Super Mario 64 in the NPUK Secret Slide Time Trial

Written by triforceguy1

Twenty-three years ago saw the European launch of Super Mario 64, one of the first games that revolutionised gaming into a 3D landscape, and to celebrate, we have a handful of Nintendo eShop vouchers up for grabs in a fun and easy competition.

Princess Peach's castle is full of little secrets, one of them being here majesty's secret slide. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete the slide in twenty-three seconds or less. Once you've completed your task, hold down that capture button to take a thirty-second video and publish it to Twitter using the #NPUKSecretSlide and #SuperMario64 hashtags. Having trouble finding the secret slide? Try investigating the stained glass windows in the room attached to the foyer.

The more unique entries entered, the higher the chance is to win a voucher. If forty players enter the competition, two winners will be picked, and if we can slip-and-slide our way to one-hundred unique entries, then we'll pick four!

Event Rules

Maximum of one entry per person.

Tweets must be submitted with the #NPUKSecretSlide and #SuperMario64 hashtags attached with the video capture by 1pm on Sunday 18th October 2020.

Players must complete their run using the Super Mario 3D All-Stars version of Super Mario 64 for Nintendo Switch, and capture their full sub-23 second time using the Nintendo Switch capture tool for their entry to be considered valid.

The prize draw will take place immediately following the close of the contest at 1pm on Sunday 18th October 2020 where they will be picked at random, and the winners notified later the same day.

There are no alternatives to the prizes on offer and can only be redeemed in GBP on the Nintendo eShop.