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Celebrating Dread and 35 Years of Metroid

Written by Leon Fletcher

This year marks not only the first new mainline Metroid game in nearly twenty years, but also 35 years of the series itself. The other week, we asked our community to share their favourite moments from the series, whether it's their favourite games, personal story, or even original art.

Here's what some of them had to say:

#FaceTheDread #Metroid35 I have one memory I'm very fond of related to Metroid. It's thanks to Samus that I've actually met my girlfriend at a convention! I was a space pirate and she was cosplaying as Samus obviously, but love knows no bound and we actually fell in love haha

PlusUltraHan (@GalaktikSnail)


#NPUKFaceTheDread #Metroid35 my favorite Metroid is Metroid Fusion. I just love the thrill when you're being chased by the SA-X! So I'm looking forward to experiencing another thrilling pursuit in Metroid Dread  I'm so happy we finally get a new entry in the series!

FunnySkrunko (@FunnySkrunko)


Metroid memory: Playing Super Metroid and discovering the secret alt fire modes for each beam (only Charge Beam and one other beam active, Power Bombs as the secondary weapon, a charge shot will now cost a bomb), like 4 ice bolts will circle round Samus. #FaceTheDread #Metroid35

Dante Graywards (@N7DanteGG)


Beating Crocomire with no hp left to spare, and getting the life scared outta me when his bones jumped through the wall is one memory that sticks with me from my first Super Metroid playthrough. Couple that fear with the fact I hadn't saved in a while#FacetheDread #Metroid35

Iceman92 (@Iceman92)


#NPUKFaceTheDread #FaceTheDread #Metroid35 My first experience with Metroid was the timed demo playable through Smash Bros Brawl. I remember playing Super Metroid and the rush as I escaped from the explosions at the beginning. I’m hoping that Dread will give me that same rush.

Peter Bennett (@sharkice2)


#FaceTheDread #Metroid35 Here is a picture of my ever growing collection! It was both my Friend and mom that got me playing Metroid so It's got a warm place in my heart!

Chris Cosme (@Valk_IV)


My most memorable memory of #Metroid is playing the Gameboy version of Metroid II on 3DS Virtual Console while travelling. Captivated from start to finish, and then spotting @dylancuthbert's name in the credits and DMing him about it! #FaceTheDread #Metroid35


#FaceTheDread #Metroid35 Like many other Nintendo names, I grew up with the GameCube installments. It wasn’t until I was way older that I grew to know and love the rest of the franchise. It’s gotten to the point where I’m designing and drawing a custom suit for my fursona!

Local E.M.M.I. Target (@EpsilonTheDerg)


I was working part time in a phone shop (my first big boy job) & was told to go run a branch in a very quiet town by myself for the week. Just in case I took my GameBoy Micro & Metroid Fusion which I’d never played.
I loved it so much one day when it came to closing time I realised I never unlocked the door all day, no wonder it was quiet!
#FaceTheDread #Metroid35


#NPUKFaceTheDread #Metroid35 Hoo boy where do I begin. Super Metroid was the first video game I ever played so I guess that makes me a life long fan. It's fun to escape into these interconnected worlds, constantly exploring, discovering and evolving with each game in the series

Arjanator #BuyMetroidDread (@The_Arjanator)


It’s my favourite game series so I have so many memories etc. After years of searching finding a Samus statue at a good price (15 ish years ago) which now always has pride of place. I’m hoping we get more games in the future. #MetroidDread #facethedread #metroid35

Anthony Boyd (@psy_co_)


Its hard to pick a favourite moment but probably the final boss of Super Metroid. Its such a well done moment of visual non verbal storytelling and makes me really feel a little emotional for the Baby Metroid.
As for hopes for Dread? So far it looks like its achieving everything I wanted from it, mixing and improving the best elements of Samus Returns with a more open Super layout with hints of Fusion in the Emmi zones. I just hope its as fun as it looks. #metroid35 #npukfacethedread

Ben Nash (@ben_nash98)


Honestly, I was rather late to the Metroid Fandom. I started with Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS, getting the demo with my DS then getting the full game and loving it, of course I went back and played the huge backlog of Metroid History #FaceTheDread #Metroid35

Nintendo Liverpool (@nintendoliverp1)


This may be a bit of an out there answer, but I got rather addicted to #MetroidPrime Blast Ball back in the day, and so the team tournament we did for @Nintendo_SW was a particular enjoyable one for me. #FaceTheDread and #Metroid35

Fireman Octopus (@Folkloner)


My top 5 #Metroid games: 1. Super Metroid 2. Metroid Prime 3. Metroid Fusion 4. Metroid Zero Mission 5. Metroid Prime 3 #FaceTheDread #Metroid35

Chris Barrett (@ocarinapro)

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