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Community Article: Indie Insights - Overboard

Written by John Edwards
  1. You find yourself at the end of 2021 and you think to yourself "I should probably play the best indie game of this year", the question is, do you already own it?

If yes go to 4

If no go to 7

  1. The best option out of this is for you to lie your way out of it, right? Your fellow passengers can't possibly suspect you of murder. See if you can claim an alibi to place you away from the scene, or maybe pretend you've been asleep and don't know what's happened.

If alibi go to 6

If feign innocence go to 5


  1. The ship is full of likely suspects, that young woman who seems to have had an affair with your husband, the captain with a secret, the old lady with a drinking problem. Any one of these people could take the fall instead of you if you're clever enough. But you'll want an air tight case.

If plant evidence go to 8

If seek higher power go to 9

  1. You do own it! You find yourself on a cruise ship, you've just murdered your husband by pushing him overboard and now you need to get away with it. What are you going to do?

If lie go to 2

If plant evidence go to 8


  1. People seem a bit suspicious, but nobody's going to outright accuse you. Perhaps you'd like to get someone onside or shift the attention elsewhere.

If accomplice go to 10

If finger point go to 3

  1. Ooops! Hard to claim an alibi when an eyewitness contradicts what you claim. Start again. 


  1. Buy Overboard! Then start again.

  1. Sneaking around to plant evidence is a lot easier when you know everyone's schedule. Linger in certain locations until the coast is clear, time a cabin visit until you know they'll be on deck. When people realise your husband is missing and fingers start getting pointed, it'll sure help your denials if there's something incriminating you've put in the right spot.

But then what? 

If accomplice go 10

If seek higher power go to 9

  1. At the bottom of the ship is a small chapel, there a mysterious voice will offer suggestions for how you might get away with the murder. Or it'll judge you, quite fairly, for being a terrible person.

If plant evidence go to 8

If kill them all go to 12


  1. The people on the ship aren't all without sin, maybe with a bit of probing you can dig up some dirt and persuade them to side with you. Either that or nudge them overboard too.

If try to get away with it go to 11

If kill them all go to 12

  1. In the grand tradition of murder mysteries, you'll all gather together and air the dirty laundry in public. Will you have done enough to get away with it? And keep the insurance? Or have you overlooked something that means your lies fall apart? Either way, you can always try again to get away with it.


  1. Accidents happen at sea, you've already seen off your husband, what's a few more murders? Just make sure nobody catches you.