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Drift into the Mario Kart NPUK Championships 2022

Written by Leon Fletcher

Rev up your engines, put the pedal to the metal, and watch those shells fly as we present to you the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe NPUK Championships 2022! Join us this Summer in our new tournament for all the adrenaline junkies out there.

Between June and August, fourteen communities across the United Kingdom and Ireland will be holding qualifiers for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in celebration of the ongoing Booster Course Pass. Not only will the best racers receive a shiny Mario Kart trophy, but they’ll also gain a place in the grand final that’s set to take place later this year at a special event! 

More details about this special event will be revealed in due course.

Can’t make the NPUK community qualifiers? Never fear as we will also be hosting an online qualifier during September, as well as a last-chance qualifier at the special event itself.

Important Dates

Community Qualifiers -  June - August

Note: The top two from each qualifier will progress to the Grand Final (unless otherwise stated)
A winner from one qualifier can not compete in a different qualifier

  • Nintendo Social Group - Sun, 19th June. 2PM

    • Local Qualifier

    • Loading Bar, 129 Stoke Newington London N16 0PH

    • Event Page

    • N.b. Only the winner will progress to the final

  • Nintendo Social Group - Thurs, 23rd June. Time 8pm

  • Birmingham - Sat, 25th June. 1PM

    • Local Qualifier

    • Geek Retreat, 18B Hall Street, Birmingham, B18 6BS.

    • Event Page

  • North Wales - Sat, 9th July. 11AM

    • Local Qualifier

    • Wheldon Building, Bangor, LL57 2UW

    • Event Page

  • Nottingham - Sat, 9th July. 12PM

    • Local Qualifier

    • The Dice Cup, 68-70 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG1 3GY

    • Event Page

  • Gloucester - Sat, 9th July. 6PM 

    • Local Qualifier

    • Gloucester Guildhall, 23 Eastgate St, Gloucester GL1 1NS

    • Event Page

  • Liverpool - Sun, 10th July. 12PM

    • Local Qualifier

    • Crit Hit Game Hub, 61A Kempston St, Liverpool L3 8HE

    • Event Page

  • South Wales - Sat, 16th July. 11AM (confirmed)

    • Local Qualifier

    • Little Man Coffee, Cardiff. Bridge Street, CF10 2EE

    • Event Page

  • Basingstoke - Sat, 23rd July. 11AM

    • Local Qualifier

    • The White Hart Inn, London Road, Basingstoke, RG21 4AE 

    • Event Page


  • Essex - 30th July. 10AM

    • Local Qualifier

    • The Edge Bar, Basildon, SS14 1EA

    • Event Page

  • NX London - Sat, 30th July 2pm

    • Local Qualifier

    • Escape Bar, Shepherd's Bush, W12 8HJ

    • Event Page

  • Belfast - Sat, 30th July. 7PM 
    • Local Qualifier

    • Twin Spires Complex, 155 Northumberland St, Belfast BT13 2JF

    • Event Page

  • Newcastle - Sat, 7th August 2pm

  • Norwich - Fri, 5th August. 8PM. 

    • Local Qualifier

    • OLL Games, 21 St Benedict's St, Norwich NR2 4PF

    • Event Page

  • Reading - Sat, 20th August. 11AM (tentative)

    • Local Qualifier

    • Eclectic Games, RG1 1EU

    • Event Page

  • NPUK Online Qualifier - September 2022

  • NPUK Last Lap Qualifier - October 2022

  • Grand Finals - October 2022

Standardised Ruleset

We encourage all NPUK communities to embrace their own identity and are allowing them to modify our ruleset as they see fit, therefore please be aware that some qualifiers may be run slightly differently. All online and last chance qualifiers, as well as the final, will strictly adhere to the following ruleset:

  • Class: 150cc Grand Prix

  • Teams: No

  • Items: Normal

  • CPU: None

  • Races. 4 per match. 8 for the final

  • Tracks: Random

  • All available tracks characters and kart parts are permitted

  • No. of players progressing from each round is at Group’s discretion

  • Single / Double Elimination: This is at the discretion of individual groups.

  • Local qualifiers: 4 players per race. Please host races using either:
    - LAN play (on main menu, hold L, R and Left Stick to access LAN option)
    - Local splitscreen multiplayer

  • Online qualifiers: Up to 11 players per race (host takes final slot and does not participate). Friends and Rivals 

    • Limit of 22 signups

  • In the event of a tie that affects progression to the next stage (including the final), all players will play a single race on a random course. The results of the tied players of that race will determine their placement in the tie.
  • A Nintendo Switch and a copy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are required to enter online qualifiers. Whilst optional, we strongly encourage groups to host qualifiers using a system with access to the Booster Course Pass DLC wherever possible.

  • IMPORTANT - A winner from one qualifier can not compete in a different qualifier

Disconnection Disclaimer

We understand that disconnections can happen during online matches and can sometimes be beyond your control. Due to this, we have a procedure to keep races fair and reduce the number of delays.

To reduce the possibility of disconnection errors, we greatly encourage the use of a wired connection.

If a player disconnects before the start of the second race, the session will restart from the first race. After the second race has begun, the disconnected player can rejoin from the following race and will be granted points according to last place denomination (i.e. if there are six players in the race, the disconnected player will receive seven points for sixth place)

A second disconnect from the same player will result in disqualification.


Participants should always act sportsmanlike, ensuring they do not impede Nintendo Players UK's ethos of respect, diversity, inclusivity and fun.

If a Tournament Organiser feels a participant is acting in direct conflict with this and/or disturbing other players, the offender will be subject to a warning or immediate disqualification depending on the severity of their actions.



  • The 1st place winner from each qualifier will receive a Mario Kart trophy

  • The 1st and 2nd place winners from each community qualifier (1st place for online and last chance) will gain a place in the Grand Final

Grand Final



Tournament created by Leon Fletcher

Tournament Organisers (TOs) - Leon Fletcher, Paul L. Russell, and Adam Williams

Write up - Leon Fletcher

Graphics - Paul L. Russell