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Game Builder Garage: Become a NPUK Play Tester

Written by MarcoosVGC

Experience and playtest Game Builder Garage games created by the Nintendo Players UK community for a chance to win My Nintendo Gold Points!

Competition Details

To enter our exclusive prize draw, first download and complete a level from any of the following Game Builder Garage: NPUK Creator Camp games:

  • Game #1: Mirror - Matthew and Ioan Williams (programmer code: P 002 YJ0 405)

  • Game #2: Round Ball - PixelSquid  (programmer code: P 000 P51 749)

  • Game #3: Anagranimals - Alex Roberts and Joe Dickens  (programmer code: P 006 XMN DPT)

Next, record a video clip of you completing your chosen level using the Nintendo Switch capture button, and upload it to Twitter using the tags @NintendoPlayUK and #NPUKPlayTester

We have three lots of 1,000 Gold Points to giveaway, the equivalent of £10 to spend on the Nintendo Switch eShop! You can earn additional entries into the prize draw for playing multiple games:

  • 1x entry for posting proof of a level completion from one GBG: NPUK CC game
  • 3x entries for posting proof of a level completion from a second GBG: NPUK CC game
  • 5x entries for posting proof of a level completion from all three GBG: NPUK CC games

The giveaway closes on Friday 8th April and is open to all Game Builder Garage players in the UK and IRE.


Written by Mark McAllister
Graphics by Paul L. Russell
Video by Paul L. Russell
Video Narration by Mark McAllister