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Happy Birthday, Ring Fit Adventure

Written by Jen

Wow, a whole year of Ring Fit! That’s flown by, but not without marking the massive impact it’s had on peoples’ lives, even more so from being stuck in lockdown! While many people were piling weight on from not going to their usual gym sessions, those of us who were scared of gyms in the first place actually had the perfect tool to get us through, or even to start us off!

I got really ill in mid-September 2019. I’d been surviving sleep deprivation on sugar, as I already wasn’t allowed caffeine, and I needed a way of staying awake when working! This had been going on for over two years, so I guess the consequences finally caught up with me, and I ended up in the hospital with gallbladder problems. I was told I must have the affected organ removed, but I was petrified of hospitals and anything to do with them, so I refused and discharged myself. On parting, the staff did say that if I sorted my life out properly with diet and exercise I might be able to stay well that way.

I couldn’t eat properly for two weeks, which handily turned out to be roughly the amount of time needed to stop craving the sugar! I went from loads of chocolate a day to barely any. I switched the sugar-filled gluten-free bread for pasta or salad at lunchtime and was overall more mindful about what I was eating, tracking it on MyFitnessPal to reassure myself I was doing the right things.

I’ve always been a one for fitness video games. I loved Wii Fit back in the day, I was really into EA Active (1 & 2) so it seemed natural that I’d at least pick up Ring Fit Adventure, so as soon as it was announced I preordered it!

I started with what it gave me: Difficulty 10. I lasted 2 days before I went up to 14, then a week before 20, and after a couple of months, I settled on 25. (I was advised that this is the optimum level because level 30 is just about the reps!)
Before lockdown, I did five days a week, and I’d only do 30 active (60 real) minutes per session as that was the length of my child’s nap in the afternoon! I’d completed the story 100% by the end of January, but it had become ingrained into my routine, so the automatic thought was to make custom sets. After a week of “quick play” experimenting, I made 4 custom lists.

Just before lockdown, I’d started doing the local Parkrun. I only managed two before lockdown so I hope to get back into that as soon as I’m able to, but in the meantime, I upped my Ring Fit workouts to seven days a week. It helped both my mental health and the overall weight loss, combined with toning up has helped my confidence so much more too!

Now, I’ve gone back to about five days a week, but during lockdown, I also took up hula hooping. I also did pilates before lockdown and have since resumed that. Lockdown has taught me to have a different outlook on life. Focus on what can be achieved, and the established routine has helped me to push further than I have done previously.

To date, I’m now the fittest and slimmest I’ve probably ever been. I’ve lost just over 2 stone, and I’m confident enough to wear more than just black t-shirts and jeans all the time too. I’m able to run my two businesses, be head admin for NPUK, and be a mum to my little boy, without feeling the tiredness and lack of energy that I used to feel all the time.

Do you have a story about how Ring Fit has changed your life? Get in touch and let us know!