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Introducing Nintendo Players UK's Road to Insomnia64!

Written by Faz_D

If you're here then clearly you've just read Nintendo UK's post about the United Kingdom and Ireland leg of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Smash Ball Team Cup 2019! If you haven't done that then you can check out all the details about all of that over here.

That's right, alongside the 3 instant qualifier events happening in London, Edinburgh and Dublin, the Nintendo Players UK network has been given the privilege of running its own 'Road to Insomnia64' series to find the final team competing in the Top 4 UK Final. That's right, 16 groups under the Nintendo Players UK banner will be running their own events that will feed into the Nintendo Players UK Road to Insomnia64 Qualifier! Simply attend one of the events below, win the tournament, and then your team will receive entry into Insomnia64 on Saturday 20th April, and fight for the final spot in the Top 4 UK Final!

Want to take part, and meet some local Super Smash Bros. and Nintendo fans in the process? Check below to see a full list of Nintendo Players UK Road to Insomnia64 events. Please check out the specific event page for more information.


Saturday 16th February

Host: Nintendo North Wales

Event: Nintendo North Wales- NPUK's Road to Insomnia64
Location: Wheldon Building, Deiniol Road, Bangor, Gwynedd. 
Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/780355232336210/?ti=icl



Saturday 23rd February


Host: BourneNintendo

Event - BourneNintendo's First Birthday Smash feat. - NPUK's Road to Insomnia64
Location - Flirt Café and Bar, 21 The Triangle, Bournemouth, BH2 5RG

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/795092234202023/


Host: Nintendo Essex

Event: Nintendo Essex Presents: Super Smash Saturday- NPUK's Road to Insomnia64

Location - The Edge, Basildon

Event Link - https://www.facebook.com/events/301173800598451/


Host: Nintendo Gloucestershire

Event: Nintendo Gloucestershire - NPUK's Road to Insomnia64
Location: Gloucester Guildhall, GL1 1NS

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/250462662514533/?ti=cl


Host: Nintendo Middlesbrough 

Event: Nintendo Middlesbrough - NPUK's Road to Insomnia64
Location: Super Games World 
Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/583772702049006/


Sunday 24th February


Host: Nintendo Newcastle
Event: Nintendo Newcastle's Spring Smash Spectacular- NPUK's Road to Insomnia64
Location: Ambar, Odeon Metrocentre
Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/280432052871804/?ti=cl


Sunday 3rd March


Host: Nintendo Brighton

Event: Ultimate Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament - NPUK's Road to Insomnia64
Location: The Tempest Inn, Brighton

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/569044456897670/?ti=ia


Saturday 9th March


Host: Nintendo South Wales

Event: NSW Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Squad Strikers - NPUK's Road to Insomnia64

The Arcade Vaults., 27-31 High Street Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1BB 

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/750488902003471/


Host: Nintendo Portsmouth 

Event: Nintendo Portsmouth Joins the Fray!

The Royal Maritime Club, Portsmouth

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2233324183576284/


Sunday 10th March

Host: Nintendo Liverpoool

Event: Nintendo Liverpool - NPUK's Road to Insomnia 64

Critical Hit Games Cafe, Liverpool

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2241470446126031/


Saturday 16th March

Host: Nintendo Basingstoke

Event: Basingstoke Road To Insomnia 64 -  NPUK's Road to Insomnia64

Basingstoke Discovery Centre

Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/244740653114614/ 


Host: Nintendo Aberdeen

Event: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament - NPUK's Road to Insomnia64

Engage Gaming

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/2257771710941575/


Saturday 23rd March

Host: Nintendo Norwich

Event: Something Smashing Comes This Way Comes

One Life Left - Norwich Gaming Cafe

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/333251940614525/


Host: Nintendo Preston

Event: Nintendo Preston's//Road to Insomnia 64

The Dark Room at Roper Hall

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/410903409685528/


Saturday 30th March

Host: Nintendo Belfast
Event:Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament: NPUK's Road to Insomnia64
Lowe Memorial Church, Belfast
Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/227067241511487/


Saturday 6th April

Host: Nintendo Nottingham

Event: 6th birthday Meet - NPUK's Road to Insomnia64

Location: Metronome

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/806866053010832/





So you want to play? Think your Smashing Trio can throw down with the best? Well then, we'd better tell you the rules on what to expect and what you'll need to take part in the in one of the events above! That said, this isn't your regular tournament... We'll be testing you're mettle in a variety of modes and match ups a number of modes, including some that have been introuced for the first time in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! So read the below and strategise on how you can create the best chances for your team (and check out some cool new modes in the process!)




A team of 3.

Preferred Controller type:

-Gamecube Controller (adapter may be required)

-Pro Controller

-Joycons and Grip



The tournaments ran by all of the Nintendo Players UK as part of the 'Road to Insomnia64' series will be using the same ruleset as follows:

  • Single Elimination
  • Stock: 3
  • Time Limit: 7 minutes
  • Sudden Death Played
  • Smash Ball ON (frequency low), other items OFF
  • Final Smash Meter: OFF
  • Spirits: OFF
  • Friendly fire: ON
  • Mii Fighters will NOT be allowed. (Any other characters released after 01/02/2019 are TBD at this time) 
  • Stages: TBD. Pre-selection of legal stages, not limited to Battlefield and Omega forms. The full list and specific rule (Hazards) will be determined by tournament start.
  • The third player who was not in 2v2 must play in first or second 1v1 (so that all 3 squad players have played if it goes 3-0).


Games will be played in a Best of 5 series as follows.

One Game 2v2 Team Battle - Two members of each team will take part in a doubles battle (friendly fire on), Last team standing wins.  

Three games of 1v1 in Smashdown -  In this mode, after each individual game, selected characters will be removed from play! The team members that did not play in the 2v2 must play in the first or second 1v1, to ensure that all team members have played a game should the Set result in a 3-0 victory for one side. 

One game of 3v3 Elimination Squad Strike -  If a team is yet to claim victory (meaning a tied score of 2-2), the match will all be decided here! All team members will be playing in this last man standing setup, where one player could eliminate an entire team, or it could be a tense back and forth of nail-biting proportions! Note: winning isn't much of an opportunity to catch your breath - there is 0% recovery going into the next game! May the best team win...

Game 1 - 2v2: (Any two team member)

Game 2- Smashdown Round 1 -1v1: (Any team member)

Game 3- Smashdown Round 2- 1v1: (Hasn't played in Game 2/have not played in the 2v2, This is to ensure all team member have had a chance to play)

Game 4- Smashdown Round 3- 1v1: (Remaining team member)

Game 5-  3v3 Squad Strike-  (all team members, elimination, with victor’s recovery at 0%)

Note: Mode specific rules will be revealed very soon, please join your local event pages to get the latest updates as they come in!


Mode Specific rules

The tournaments run by all of the Nintendo Players UK groups will be using the same ruleset as follows, however, these rules are still being explored and for updates please check you're local event page for updates.

    • Style: Stock
    • Stock: 3
    • Time Limit: 7 minutes
    • Final Smash Meter: OFF
    • Spirits: OFF
    • CPU Lv.: 1
    • Damage Handicap: OFF
    • Stage selection: Loser’s pick - see below for more info.
    • Smash Ball ON (frequency low), other items OFF
    • Random Stage Selection: None
    • Advanced
      • First to 1 win
      • Stage Morph: OFF
      • Stage Hazards: OFF
      • Team Attack (Friendly fire): ON
      • Launch Rate: 1.0×
      • Underdog Boost: OFF
      • Pausing: OFF
      • Score Display: OFF
      • Show Damage: YES
    • 2v2 additional rule: Taking a teammate’s stock in 2v2 is allowed.
    • Smashdown additional rule: Max Battles: 35, Mercy Rule: Off.
    • Squad Strike additional rules:
      • Style: Elimination
      • Time Limit: 3 minutes instead of 7 minutes
      • Stage selection: Anyone
      • Number of stages: 2
      • Victor’s Recovery: 0
      • Sudden Death played
    • Mii Fighters are banned in the UK tournaments.  Any other characters released after 01/02/2019 will also be banned.  For clarity: Piranha Plant is an allowed playable character.
    • Character selection, stages and stage selection: see below.
    • Played as a team of 3 players using the following Best of 5 setup:


  • The use of the Home Menu Button is not allowed during matches. Any press of the Home Menu Button will result in a stock loss for the player. Should this press make the opponent lose a stock, the match win will be given to the opponent.
  • In the event of a controller being intentionally unplugged by a player during a match, the player who unplugged the controller (may it be their own or opponent’s) will be penalised with a match loss.

Stage List

There are 15 stages in total that are allowed to be picked. The list is the following:

  • Battlefield
  • Brinstar
  • Castle Siege
  • Final Destination
  • Frigate Orpheon
  • Kalos Pokémon League
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Pokémon Stadium 2
  • Skyloft
  • Smashville
  • Town and City
  • WarioWare, Inc.
  • Wily Castle
  • Yoshi’s Island (i.e. not Yoshi’s Island (Melee))
  • Yoshi’s Story

Other stages which can be added or replace one of the above:

  • Rainbow Cruise
  • Mushroom Kingdom U
  • Duck Hunt
  • Reset Bomb Forest
  • Kongo Jungle
  • Unova Pokémon League

When choosing Battlefield or Final Destination, players can agree on choosing its version of another stage.  Once a Battlefield or Final Destination version of a stage has been chosen, it is no longer possible to choose these forms of any other stage, including the original Battlefield and Final Destination stages.  If players do not agree on a different stage, the standard stage shall be played.

Stage Selection Rules

Before the first 2v2 match of a set, a Best Of 1 (BO1) of Rock/Paper/Scissors will be played between the teams. The winner gets to choose whether they start the procedure (be Team 1) or let the opponent start the procedure (opponent is Team 1):

  1. Team 1 selects a stage from the stage list for the 2v2 match
  2. Team 2 selects 1 character to play with (i.e. one player selects their character)
  3. Team 1 selects 2 characters to play with (i.e. both players select their characters)
  4. Team 2 chooses last character to play with (i.e. final player selects their character)
  5. 2v2 match starts
  6. After match end, player from losing team selects the stage (subject to the “Stage clause” below) for the next match
  7. Character selection:
    1. If 2v2 match, order of selection is: Winner, Loser, Loser, Winner
    2. If 1v1 match, order of selection is: Loser, Winner (this way round to avoid character blocking - it is advised for teams to do this secretly to avoid counter-picking of characters)
  8. Next match starts
  9. Repeat steps 6 to 8.
  10. If set goes to all the way to Squad Strike, then Loser picks 1st stage, Winner picks 2nd stage
  11. Character selection goes: Winner, Loser, Loser, Winner, Winner, Loser
  12. Players adjust their order of play and Squad Strike is played, determining the Winner of the Set.

Stage clause “Stagedown”

Any stage that has been played on during a Set cannot be chosen again by either team.

Match Time Out

In case a match times out during a Stock in Squad Strike, the in-game Sudden Death shall be played.

For other cases:

  • In case a match times out, the team with the highest amount of stocks (combined in 2v2) will be given the win.
  • If both teams have the same amount of stocks remaining, the team with the lower percentage damaged (combined in 2v2) will be given the win.
  • In case the 2 previous criteria are not enough to determine a winner, the in-game Sudden Death shall be played.


The chance at glory to face the greatest teams in the UK. Qualifiers run by NPUK groups will win tickets to Insomnia64 and a place in the Nintendo Players UK Road to Insomnia64 Community Tournament!

Check out Insomnia 64 and what they have in store here!



Please remember that these (and all) tournaments run by Nintendo Players UK are designed to be family friendly, and good sportsmanship is encouraged at all times.  Unsportsmanlike behaviour including, but not limited to gloating and criticising others’ gameplay (including within your own team) may result in disqualification. This also applies for use of language which may be deemed offensive or unsuitable for the other players present. 

Players are expected to compete at the best of their abilities in the fairest way possible. They must avoid any form of cheating or immoral behaviour.


Further Information and FAQs:

Please make sure to keep your Discord notifications on from the Nintendo Players UK server, to keep up to date of any changes/new information. 

Please refer to the TL/TO contact list pinned on the Nintendo Players UK Server for contact info.

Discord Link: https://discordapp.com/invite/GnYhKK4

Please note that any Teams who have qualified as part of a team at one of the Nintendo Players tournaments will not be allowed to enter any of the other Nintendo Players tournaments held at other locations.  This is to ensure fairness of competition within the Nintendo Players community as a whole.

Teams who have entered but did not qualify are allowed to enter tournaments at other locations.

In the event of one member of a team being unable to make Insomnia64, for whatever reason, it will be the team’s own responsibility to find a substitute.  If a substitute cannot be found, or if more than one substitute is required, the team that positioned second in the relevant tournament will take their spot. You may only have ONE back-up player but it is not mandatory to have one.

Moreover, so called “gentleman’s agreement” in regard to willingly ignoring the Smash Ball, or intentionally wasting a Final Smash are not allowed. The decision will be at the discretion of the tournament organiser. Teams caught agreeing to such will receive one formal warning. If the offence is repeated by a team, they will be disqualified from the tournament


Final Word

Once all qualifiers have concluded, teams will be messaged in due course about information and what happens next!  We encourage you that post-tournament you stick with us, make friends, play games and of course, be a part of your local community!

Till then good luck to you all, your Road to Insomnia 64 starts here!

Happy Gaming