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Introducing the New NPUK Team!

Written by Leon Fletcher

For the last seven years, Nintendo Players UK has been a hub for Nintendo communities across the United Kingdom and Ireland, helping Nintendo fans to connect with other like-minded gamers across the nation. From local meetups to online tournaments, NPUK has been there supporting our communities through thick and thin. The past few years have seen an exponential growth thanks to the Nintendo Switch, the first handheld-portable hybrid.

Due to this growth, it has become more and more difficult to efficiently run the main hub, run and coordinate NPUK effectively across its social media channels and its website, because of this, it is now time to begin a new chapter. The last couple weeks have seen NPUK undergo a complete reform, with new positions created and democratic elections held to determine a new team that will seek to improve NPUK moving forward.

Without further ado, let us introduce the wonderful new people behind Nintendo Players UK!

Head Admin

Jen Griffiths

Hey, I’m Jen, I’ve been one of the founders of Nintendo North Wales for nearly 8 years now, and an admin of Nintendo Players UK for nearly 5 years.

Our first official event wasn’t actually until the following year once I’d discovered StreetPass Manchester and their founders! Before that, I was just too shy and didn’t know how to talk to people!

A lot has changed in those 8 years, and I have hosted many local events, a handful of national events and organised a fair number of online tournaments too! I live for community and I absolutely love networking! I’ve loved seeing the communities grow over the years, helping people find a safe space where they can come together and share their main hobby, often boosting their confidence too! I’m looking forward to seeing where we can take NPUK in the future!

My top three games series are Animal Crossing, Splatoon and, the game that brought all this about, Mario Kart!

Always happy to help or just chat, so feel free to pop me a message :)



Adam Williams

I'm Adam and I’ve been running NSG for over 6 years!

I learned about NPUK through meeting the admin of Nintendo London and collaborating to bring a social meet for both our groups to meet. We met the Community manager of Nintendo UK shortly after and learned a lot more.

Our first event was a social meet along the Southbank in London. We met with a small group at the Udderbelly to play on our 3DS consoles.

One of my main goals is to establish a greater network between gaming companies and communities across NPUK to help with the quality and attractiveness of events while helping the companies push their games to the public!

My favourite Nintendo franchises are Pokemon, Animal Crossing and the Super Mario series.


Anthony Haigh

Hey, it’s Ant here, I am the founder of Nintendo Basingstoke having started it 6 and a half years ago, following a conversation with Johnathan Towny at a Castlevainia launch event at Game HQ, they were discussing other groups around the UK and how there was none near here! So being an event manager I said I can do that! And within just a couple of months, I had created my group and was holding our first event at Game HQ’s rec room. And to make it even more awesome we ended up being the first place in the UK where you could play Mario Kart 8 on the WiiU, the place was packed and went amazingly well! The rest, as they say, is History!

I am really passionate about NPUK and making sure we put our all into creating an Umbrella for all the NPUK groups around the UK! Giving them a place to come for advice and assistance as being an Event Manager there is not a lot I have not come across. But more than just support I want it to become a place where we can highlight what amazing events all our groups put on, as well as ensure we run amazing tournaments that are for everyone, not just the pro gamers!

My favourite games are difficult to define, I could say whatever game is loaded up in front of me! But it depends on what I’m doing, If friends are round then Mario Kart, OverCooked or 1-2-Switch and that is for the laughs/memories it creates. If it’s just me then something with a story, or great action but I do love Luigi's Mansion & Animal Crossing!

I’m always up for a chat! And very approachable if you have a great idea get in touch and we will see what we can do!


Sam Hill

Hi all, my name is Sam, and I run Nintendo Club: Newbury and Thatcham alongside my partner Lizzie. I’ve been a founder for about a year and a half now, and watching the community grow from nothing has been incredible!

I first learned of NPUK when I was looking for some like-minded people in the Basingstoke area. I stumbled across Nintendo Basingstoke online, and decided to join in on a lot of their weekly Discord evenings. I eventually took a job in Newbury, and used to run Smash Bros events on the side in the back of my local café. As the numbers grew, Lizzie and I then decided that maybe we should consider running a gaming group for the wider part of West Berkshire. We planned it out, and our first event was again in the back of our local café, and we had a great turnout! The event was essentially just a meet/greet and free play. Golly gosh, where has this year and a half gone?!

My aims going forward as one of the admins is to ensure that the wellbeing and caring community values are upheld. Ideally, we want to de-dramatise I am looking to put into place a buddy system, where groups will group up and discuss any ideas they may have with each other, and also to offer help and guidance to each other where possible. My idea is to also expand on that, and create a support channel for new groups, where they will be able to discuss with myself and others much more freely about all of our processes, communities, and also what we can do to help them. The basic idea is to make sure that everybody always feels supported, and if they don’t, we will always do the utmost we can to ensure that we can change that.

My top three favourite games stem from the ’90s and early '00s.

They are:

Banjo-Kazooie (My favourite game of all time!)
Pokemon Crystal
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Overall, I like to think of myself as a fairly approachable dude, so please feel free to message me or @me on the NPUK Discord if you need any help, or just fancy a chat over a brew!



Will Ince

Hello! I'm Will, Head Admin of Nintendo Liverpool and newly appointed member of the Admin Panel!

I've been running Nintendo Liverpool with my team for roughly 2 years but I've been a member of the Admin team for 7 years back in the Streetpass Liverpool days!

My first event I ever attended was back for Animal Crossing: New Leaf where I ended up winning an eShop card for catching the biggest fish of the day! I spoke to the founder about wanting to see if I could get some more friends to come along and he invited me to join the team not long after that.

What my hopes and targets for being a part of the Admin Committee is to help us all grow together. Not just NPUK specifically but our individual groups too, both online and at public meets. To support each member with any worries they may have and to be that person people can rely on for help when they need it.

To ask me for my 3 Favourite Nintendo Franchise: Pokemon, Zelda and Amiibo! (Shh, it counts)

I hope to help to the best of my abilities in the NPUK Team and I'm available to talk anything Nintendo whenever I get the chance!

Add me on Switch!: SW-0886-3172-2902


Social Media

Andrew Runagall

Hello, I'm Andrew and I have been the founder of NintendoSouthend for just over 6 years.

NintendoSouthend is pretty much an off-shoot of NintendoBasildon (run by my good friend Penny Bryant) which is based just over 10 miles away, the intention was to have relaxed gatherings at Basildon and more competitive meets at Southend. It all started off as a Pokémon X&Y tournament, which all took place at the Astro City arcade.

Personally, I would like to see the return of the NPUK Podcast on a regular basis, this time around with special guests, not just the NPUK Founders and Admins but also those who are connected to the world of Nintendo gaming, such as game devs (as a platform to promote their game), influencers, and possibly gaming celebrities (fingers crossed that we’ll get Charles Martinet on the podcast one day)

My three favourite games are:

Super Mario Bros - Ever since seeing Mario on a NES back in the late 1980s, I’ve always been fascinated about the game, whether it be getting to World 8-4 by legitimate means or being cheeky and climbing to the top of the screen in World 1-2 and warp-piping my way to the end.

Donkey Kong - Admittedly I was not a big fan of the arcade game when I was younger (mostly because I didn’t even see it in the arcades back then), but ever since I saw the documentary King of Kong, I have been determined to go for the highest score I can get (currently, my highest is 300,400, I will reach 1,000,000 one day)

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Although New Horizons is the newer edition of the series, I remember fondly spending hours and hours on the 3DS version, it was so convenient to play it anywhere, it sure was fun when I was able to play with friends from all over the world and in-person on Tortimer Island. I can’t help but think of all the weeds that have grown in my village since I last played though


Leon Fletcher

Hello there, my name is Leon Fletcher, I currently run BourneNintendo and Nintendo Chichester, and have been with NPUK for about three years now! I originally found out about NPUK through a friend I work with demoing board games. He told me to talk to James who helped me set up. More recently, I've been streaming NPUK Online sessions two times a week where I've been playing a bunch of online games with various members.

I will mainly be focusing on the Twitch channel and articles on the website for NPUK. I already have several ideas to ensure that as many people feel more involved with NPUK, making it feel like their own. I won't be going into too much detail here, but one thing I will be doing soon over on Twitch is to provide an opportunity for those streaming NPUK related events to be hosted on our Twitch page.

Apparently, I have to state my three favourite games, I suppose they may be The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Banjo-Tooie, and Sea of Thieves... I'm sure if you asked me tomorrow some of those may be different!


Paul Russell

Hi, my name is Paul Russell. I've been the founder/community manager for Nintendo South Wales since the first year of the Nintendo 3DS.
The inspiration for StreetPass Swansea and StreetPass Cardiff (as they were known then) came from an international website cataloguing all the new StreetPass groups that were springing up across Europe.
My first event was in the summer of 2011, on the steps of Cardiff museum. Being rather introverted, I found it quite nerve-racking, but fun enough to go the next month, and well, here we are :)

First of all, I'd like to say that NPUK now being overseen by an elected committee already represents one essential goal realised. Moving forward, there are three targets I want to aim for.
(1) Boost the range of output on socials, spread out retweets and standardise scheduled post times. The latter should target times when you're likely to get the most eyes on a post.
(2) Redirect people on NPUK socials towards our individual communities and highlight the communities more explicitly. Examples include planned community spotlight posts, direct links to a community's Facebook, Twitter and Discord pages on relevant posts, earlier and repeated promotion of events, and once local events begin again, reuse of video clips to drive community awareness.
(3) Resource building: I'd like to see NPUK create a document that outlines useful social media practices that other founders can add to and use as a resource to improve their communities.

My three favourite games are Tetris (Game Boy), Xenoblade Chronicles X and Chibi-Robo! Plug Into Adventure.

Header image created by Paul Russell with permission of Tony Stephenson (Nintendo Nottingham) for the use of the NPUK jacket graphics.