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Issue Two of Nintendo Print Magazine, Ninty Fresh, Launches on Kickstarter

Written by triforceguy1

2014 was a grim year for Nintendo fans across the United Kingdom as the Official Nintendo Magazine published their last ever issue October of that year, marking the death of Nintendo-only magazines throughout the UK's high street. Fast-forward nearly six years later, a brand new magazine entered the landscape, enabling nearly 1500 people to purchase a Nintendo mag for the first time in several years. This particular magazine was called Ninty Fresh and launched its debut issue on Kickstarter earlier this year following the major success of Switch Player Magazine from 2017. 

Inspired by the likes of ONM, Nintendo Power, and NGamer, Ninty Fresh editor, Paul Murphy's, main objective was to provide a 'fresh' look on all things Nintendo, both new and old. From Day Zero, issue one's reception was glowing, with the project reaching it's £2,000 goal in less than 24 hours of launching, reaching more than £15,500 by the project's funding deadline. After a few months of things settling down, Paul is at it again with an even bigger crew for issue two!

The second issue seems that it will be just as successful, perhaps even more so, as the Kickstarter page received 100% of its funding within 45 minutes of launching on the 21st September 2020. Paul Murphy states that issue two has taken in all the feedback readers gave about the first issue, making sure the magazine is printed at an even higher standard than before. The Ninty Fresh team has also grown, including names such as 'Nan' from All Source Gaming, and guest writer Chris Scullion of ONM and Tired Old Hack fame! The new issue will come packed with information about Super Mario LEGO, Game and Watch, and a range of retrospectives from Pokémon Yellow and Goldeneye to F-Zero X.

There are different levels of support offered by the Kickstarter, such as a digital copy for only £2 or a physical copy for £6. Extra goodies can also be nabbed at higher tiers. If you are interested in finding out more about the campaign, you can visit their Kickstarter page here, where you can also submit a pledge if you feel so inclined.

Still undecided? Never fear, you can check out a digital version of issue one, for free, right here!

You can also find out more by reading the press release below:

The second issue of Ninty Fresh, a new print Nintendo magazine launches on Kickstarter

23rd September 2020 - Canvey Island, United Kingdom

After a barnstorming first Kickstarter in June, which saw nearly 1500 people buy a brand-new Nintendo magazine for the first time in years, the team behind Ninty Fresh have come back focused and energised with a second issue, live on Kickstarter now.

With no Nintendo magazines in the UK since 2014 - before NFM that is - the response to that first issue gave the team the confidence they needed to make more, and this one is focused on F-Zero!

It has a cracking cover by Phil Summers (who gained notoriety for his hand-drawn The Legend of Zelda manuals) and content covering all SIX titles (plus the anime) in the F-Zero series to celebrate thirty years of the franchise. This is all interwoven with a mixture of retro Nintendo coverage and fresh Nintendo Switch reviews (as well as reviews of new releases from older Nintendo systems!).

In addition to that spiffing racing coverage, there’s more focus on the recent LEGO products, that new Game and Watch, and of course, a series of Fresh retrospectives. You can expect extensive thoughts on Pokémon Yellow, GoldenEye 007 and F-Zero X – the latter of which has been written by ONM and encyclopaedia-writing legend Chris Scullion.

The team have taken note of all manner of feedback following the first issue, and the typeface and review layout have been tweaked. You can expect an even higher standard of magazine compared to the first, which received overwhelming acclaim from those who backed it.

The team has been expanded with an array of Nintendo experts, further driving forward the knowledge and experience behind the scenes. Ninty Fresh Issue 2 is being funded through Kickstarter, with many different levels of support from a PDF through to premium levels for those that want to grab a print copy. The magazine will ship worldwide and those interested will be able to support it via this link. A physical copy can be secured starting from just £6.


If you miss the days of ONM/NOM and other incredible Nintendo publications, here is your chance to support a new one.

Issue 2 of Ninty Fresh is already funded - securing its target within 45 minutes - but there is a multitude of stretch goals to enhance its offering. It is already guaranteed to be 100 pages in size, with room still to grow before the campaign ends.

About Ninty Fresh

Ninty Fresh is an unofficial print Nintendo magazine, founded in May 2020, packed with the latest content, analysis and Switch reviews, blended with some quality retro Nintendo coverage. Think of it as ONM/NOM crossed with Retro Gamer, although unaffiliated with any of those publications.

From the team behind Switch Player Magazine, each issue will be an eclectic mix of the present and past combined, with an overarching theme for each issue. Back issues for issue 1 are available from www.nintyfresh.net.