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Just Dance Off 2021: February!

Written by Jen

Nintendo Players UK are continuing the collaboration with the great UBISOFT with the UK Just Dance Off 2021.


We are looking for the Best Switch players of Just Dance 2021 from around the UK! With three levels of difficulty there is no reason it could not be you! 

Already we have 3 winners for January as well as two spot prizes given away,  and we are doing it all again for February!

You will not only be representing yourself to win an official Just Dance 2021 medal and set of Joy-Cons, but you will also be dancing for a trophy for your local Nintendo Players UK Group! If you don’t know who your local NPUK group is you can find them here

We simply need you to boogie away to the specified songs each month and submit your high scores to our website for verification along with a picture of the high score to prove your dancing skills. 

You may submit as many entries as you like to better your score and try and stay on top of the leaderboard! However if you move up to a higher difficulty where there may be fewer contestants for you to beat, your scores in the lower difficulty will no longer count.

But why enter if I can’t get anywhere near the high score? (We hear you ask) Well practice makes perfect, and we will have amazing spot prizes for things like the most improved or hardest tryer so you never know when your efforts might just pay off even if you can’t get to the top!


Each month the high score of each difficulty will receive a commemorative UBISOFT Just Dance 2021 Medal and one set of Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch. 

A trophy will be awarded to the NPUK Group with the highest combined score! 

Plus other Just Dance Goodies supplied by UBISOFT for spot prizes each month!


Entries for the February Just Dance Off can be submitted to >>> the leaderboards <<< and submissions will be open for two weeks, results will then be passed onto UBISOFT who will be following the leaderboards closely. 




Easy Difficulty Song : Don’t Start Now - Dua Lipa


Medium Difficulty Song : Juice - Lizzo


Hard Difficulty Song : Without Me - Eminem







Entry to the UBISOFT 2021 Just Dance off Tournament is strictly through the NPUK groups of the UK only, using the Nintendo Switch system and Just Dance 2021.


  • Dance your best dance using the specified dances for the month to create your best high score!
  • Take a screenshot or photo of your high score ready for submission
  • Visit www.nintendoplayers.uk and log in to your profile, if you do not have a profile simply look up your nearest NPUK group using the handy map and create a profile and log in. 
  • Please make sure you are linked to an NPUK community group before entering. (Choose your community and mark as favourite - please also make sure you are in the repsective group's community, either Discord or Facebook, so we are able to find you!)
  • Head to the leaderboards section of the website and submit your high score with your name and local group along with the photographic proof ready for verification. (Please show your username and preferably group in any screenshots)
  • Once the leader boards are closed the information will be sent to UBISOFT for verification and processing.
  • There will be one winner for each difficulty/song. If you enter more than one difficulty/song only the higher difficulty will be counted
  • You may improve and submit as many times as you wish but only your highest score in your highest difficulty will be counted.
  • Ubisoft aims to send prizes out within 30 days of the winner being announced. However in this difficult time there may be a slight delay.
  • The competition is an official collaboration between NPUK and UBISOFT with all prizes being supplied by UBISOFT.
  • Any entries that are submitted without a Name, NPUK Group or Photo will not be counted.
  • Any entries submitted into the wrong difficulty for the song will not be counted.
  • If you enter the hard difficulty bracket, you will not be able to enter any scores for the lower difficulty brackets. 
  • Any entries found to be false or photoshopped in anyway will not be counted and you will be disqualified from the tournament.
  • We will only be able to accept the entries Via the NPUK website, unfortunately we will not accept any entries via social media. 
  • Extra Just Dance spot prizes may be awarded to entrants by UBISOFT at their discretion, and will be announced once the leader boards are closed for the month.
  • All decisions made by UBISOFT and NPUK are final.







To enter the Just Dance Off tournament you must log into your account then please enter your details as follows (Name) and then your high score for the song. Please make sure you have linked your community to your profile before entering. 

The submissions will open at 12 noon on Monday 15th February , and the deadline for submissions is 11.59pm Sunday 28th February.

Any scores entered onto the leaderboard without a Name, or Photo evidence of the score, or entered into the wrong difficulty/song category will not be counted. Please see the main Tournament Page for full details.

Please note: Your photo must include the score, your username and the level played within it Also in shot hold up a piece of paper with your name and social media contact. If your score doesn't appear on the leaderboard and you're expecting to, please check that you have all the required details and then resubmit.