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Mario Golf: Super Rush - NPUK September Open is now live!

Written by Jen

The competition swings back to Standard Golf for the final Mario Golf: Super Rush Open in the series. It’s also the last chance for video game golfers in the UK and Ireland to putt, chip, and drive their way into the NPUK Invitational Super Final in October, and claim fabulous prizes enroute. 

To enter the NPUK September Open, play the first 9 holes on Wildweather Woods in Mario Golf: Super Rush, and tweet picture or video proof of your Scorecard using the Nintendo Switch capture function, along with the hashtags #NPUKSeptOpen and #MarioGolfSuperRush.

The top 6 ranking players at 6PM on the 26th September will move on to the NPUK September Open Final and compete to win £20.00 worth of My Nintendo Gold Points as well as a pair of mystery prizes.

General Competition Overview

  • NPUK Opens are league-based competitions where players submit their best score / time on a chosen course, across a select number of holes.
  • NPUK are hosting 3 Opens. One per month, in July August and September
  • Top 6 players on the leaderboard progress to an end-of-month NPUK Open Final
  • The top 2 players from each NPUK Open Final move on to the NPUK Invitational
  • Top 2 from the NPUK July and Aug Open Finals cannot compete in the Sept Open
  • Competition open to Mario Golf: Super Rush players in the UK and Ireland only.

NPUK Open Competition Dates

NPUK July Open - 10th July to 1st August Completed
NPUK July Open Final - 7th August Completed

NPUK August Open - 8th August to 24th August
NPUK August Open Final - 4th September

NPUK September Open - 5th September to 26th September Live!
NPUK September Open Final - 2nd October

NPUK Open Invitational - 9th or 10th October

NPUK September Open: Standard Golf
Sunday, 5th September to Sunday, 26th September

  • Standard Golf
  • Stroke Play
  • Course: Wildweather Woods
  • Holes 1 - 9
  • Any character (except Mii) 
  • Any club set
  • Any wind strength and any tee type
  • How to enter: Submit picture or video proof of your Scorecard to Twitter using the Nintendo Switch capture function, along with the hashtags #NPUKSeptOpen and #MarioGolfSuperRush

  • Players can submit as many entries as they want within the competition window
  • The Online Leaderboard can be found here: https://bit.ly/NPUKSeptOpenScores
  • The 6 top players progress to the NPUK September Open Final in early October.

Par Points

  • If two or more players have the exact same par, they’ll be ranked according to their ‘Par Points’

    PAR+2 = -3ps
    PAR+1 = 1pt
    PAR+0 = 1pt
    PAR-1 = 3pts
    PAR-2 = 5pts
    PAR-3 = 7pts
    1 PUTT = 1pt
    0 PUTT = 3pts

  • If the top 6 still cannot be determined outright, then position will be given to (a) Player with most below PAR shots  (b) Player with the least putts, or (c) Random.

NPUK Open Clipshare Competition

NPUK are also running a biweekly clipshare side-competition where players tweet video clips based on a theme for the chance to win a mystery World of Nintendo Mario Plush.

Keep an eye on NPUK Twitter for info on all NPUK Open Clipshare side-competitions

Clipshare Side-Competition Dates

1. 14th July to 28th July
2. 28th July to 11th August
3. 11th August to 25th August
4. 26th August to 9th September
5. 9th September to 23rd September
6. 23rd September to 7th October


Original Concept: Luke Williams
Rules and Organisation: Paul Russell, Anthony Haigh, Andrew Runagall, Will Ince
Written by Paul Russell
Graphics by Paul Russell