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Meet the New Team Member - Tash

Written by McFootie

Hello There! I am Tash also well known as McFootie

I am the Admin for Nintendo Reading. I recently took this role over last year after an opening appeared. So, I am looking forward to get the group going with some physical events when it is safe to do so.

I had been aware of NPUK/ StreetPass groups for a while, but I was never able to physically attend an event till then due to my studies. The first official event I attended was the Splatoon 2 competition that was run by various NPUK Groups. I went to the Nintendo Brighton one as I had a few friends who asked me to join their team back in 2017. Since then I have become more engrossed in the community.

A lot has happened to me since that 1st event!  I participated in the 1st NPUK squid league and that also got me into streaming! I casted a few of the games that were being played and eventually got the taste for streaming! I have slowly improved my streaming ability and been a regular caster for Squid League over the last few years. One massive opportunity it gave me was being one of few individuals who got to commentate on the UK Splatoon 2 Championships that was held back in 2018. It was an honour and privilege to be able to do this and one that I will remember for a long time. 

My aims going forward as a member of the admin panel is to help other members of the NPUK community to have a similar journey I have.  Provide guidance and help when asked and assist people to achieve their dreams. I am hoping I can bring my variety of experience to the role and help the NPUK community become a catalyst for people’s futures, whether this be in the gaming industry or others. The confidence I have gained from being apart of the NPUK is huge and I hope others are able to have the same experience. 

My Favourite Nintendo franchises are Splatoon, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and Pikmin! All have a special place in my heart for different reasons! 

I always have an ear available for listening, so if you need any help or would like a chat feel free to message me on Twitter or discord [@McFootie].  

Happy Gaming :)