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Nintendo Community Cosplay Showcase - MCM Birmingham March 2019

Written by Faz_D

We were at MCM Birmingham recently and met plenty of yuo lovely cosplay. Although late without further adieu, it's the COSPLAY MUSIC SHOWCASE!


Song: What you Need by Hideki Naganuma & Teruhiko Nakagawa

Editing and videography: Faz


Featured Cosplays:

Hornet- Hollow Knight:

Wario and Waluigi:

Link Breath of the Wild:

Dragon Quest 9 Hero:


Professor Layton and Luke(1):

Luigi and the Poltergust:  https://www.instagram.com/buttonsandbowtiescosplay/

Fierce Deity Mask, Link:

Breath of the Wild: Researcher Zelda (1):

Breath of the Wild: Princess Zelda

Persona 5 Cosplays:

Monster Hunter:

Team Rocket:

Zelda Cosplay Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LoZcosplayersUK


Special thanks to Patricia Summersett and Veronica Taylor for coming to the meetup! Follow them here! @summersett_ and @theveronicat