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Nintendo Players UK presents... Squid League 2019!

Written by StreetPass UK

Cephalopods of all ages! Young and old! Fresh and Retro! It's back, bigger and better! It's time for the NPUK Squid League 2019! Nintendo Players UK are on the search for the freshest Splatoon 2 squad in the UK community!

Does your quartet have a thirst for inking glory!? Nintendo Players groups around the UK are looking for teams, so check out your local group to see if they are participating in the online Squid League, and join in!


For the first time, take Turf War battles on-the-go with the Nintendo Switch™ system, and use any of the console's portable play styles for intense local multiplayer* action. You can even team up for new 4-player co-op fun in Salmon Run! 


What you need:

Your own copy of Splatoon 2 - Update 5.0

A Stable online connection

Nintendo Switch Online

A way of communicating with your team members (we recommend Discord): -  https://discordapp.com/invite/GnYhKK4

Preferred controller type

A Roster of up to 6 players (4 Team + 2 Subs)  


How to Join:

Similar to season 1, which we held last year, this will be built through the Nintendo Player groups around the UK!  Make sure to get in touch with your local group leaders!

Teams MUST be a part of an ACTIVE NPUK community.

Don't know where to find one? You can find your local group here!  


Teams will need to fill in a Google Form  (here) once they have formed.

Deadline for sign-ups is the 31st of July 2019 at 11:59 pm. By signing up you agree you'll communicate and have good general availability over the months of August-October.

The tournament commences on the Sunday 11th August 2019.




Loadouts: Weapons and Gear Allowed

Maps: Turf and Ranked

The tournament will be split into 2 parts.

Part 1: Commences- 11th August 2019

  • Teams will be split into Groups (Groups and Max teams are TBA)
  • Round Robin:  All teams must play each other within their given groups. 
  • Games will be Best of 9 set
  • Maps: Set by the official T.O. for each week. They will contain all of the modes (including turf war) and must be played in that order.

Part 2: Commences-  EST- 22nd September 2019

  • TOP CUT: The top 2 teams from each group will go into the top cut
  • Single Elimination: One chance
  • Games will be Best of 9 set
  • Maps: Set by the official T.O. for each week. They will contain all of the modes (including turf war) and must be played in that order



Each team can have up to 6 members. All members must be registered before the start of the tournament.

Subs must NOT already be a part of another team.

Subs can only represent ONE TEAM.

You CANNOT trade/transfer between teams.

During each set, you are allowed to substitute players as long as they are on your roster. To keep the flow of the set, it should not take more than 2 minutes for a sub to join the game. If it takes longer, the team subbing will lose a game for EVERY MINUTE their sub is late.  

All members must be confirmed with the relevant leaders and T.O. If there are any extra issues, please message the T.O.

We recommend that if you plan to substitute mid-set, have them available before the game.



Team Captains are to facilitate and organise team members and matches with their opposing team. You will have a week to get together online with your opponents and play the matches for that round. We strongly recommend using Discord to contact your opponents/team captains. If a time extension is necessary or you are struggling with contacting the opposing teams please contact the Admin team where we will try to assist you on email or on Discord.

It is your responsibility to load the correct loadout at the start of each match. If you realise during gameplay that you selected the “wrong” loadout, you are NOT permitted to restart the match.

By signing up to this squid league, you agree to be flexible for the duration of the tournament/league and are also available for the date of the grand finals. Failure to be available for the grand final may result in forfeit. The amendment of the date is at the discretion of the T.O.s. 

STREAMERS - please note that if you are streaming a match, we ask that you are NOT the host of the match. This reduces the chance of lag. 



Good sportsmanship is encouraged at all times.  Poor sportsmanship such as ending a game before the results screen, bad behaviour or abuse against other players and organisers will not be tolerated. If you believe anyone to have fallen foul of this, please report it to Jen or Hubble via DM on the Discord server. 



Please note that all of the above rules must be followed, and any breaches to the rules may result in anything from a loss of a particular game to permanent disqualification – depending on the severity of the rule breach.  This will be decided by the T.O. whose decision is final.



If a member becomes inactive, you are allowed to replace a player, but only in exceptional circumstances.

All replacements must be submitted to the T.O. with at least 2 hours' notice before a match otherwise they will not able to play as intended.

Each team is allowed 2 replacements during the Round Robin stage, no more.

In Top Cut, there will be NO REPLACEMENTS ALLOWED. 



In the event of a disconnection, the remaining members of the team must jump back to base and put controllers down, team captains must message the other informing the disconnection.  If the team of three continue playing, it is then assumed that they want to continue the game.

In order for the team to request a replay because of a Disconnection, the time must not have exceeded 2 minutes in a turf game and 3 minutes and/or the objective is below 40 in a ranked game.  If the disconnect happens after these criteria, then the game will count regardless of the disconnection.

If there are extenuating circumstances, please get in contact with Jen or Hubble ASAP via Discord.

All loadout, maps and teams will remain the same. If any team member changes their loadout then this will result in a game forfeit for that given team.
If a different player is subbing in due to disconnection they are not required to use the same loadout as the disconnected player (and the 2-minute substitution rule does not apply).

We ask that team leaders and group leader to be on hand and keep communicating with each of your teams.  If this is not respected then the team will forfeit the game. If the issue persists three times then the round will be paused to discuss actions.  We have suggested the following actions should this happen;

  1. Sub out disconnecting members so that you still have a full team. (If issues still persist another time we suggest action 2).
  2. Carry on the match as a 4v3 game.
  3. The option of a 3v3 will be allowed, but both teams must agree, if not then Action two above will have opted.
  4. Reconvene at another time (Please be mindful that the match in question MUST be played within the given week). 





  • You must be part of an active NPUK community to take part in this Squid league. 
  • The limit is 2 teams per region. If more than 2 teams apply for the same region, your group leader will be responsible for deciding who gets to represent. (Relevant group leaders will be informed of your entry regardless)
  • All entries will be verified by a T.O. before being signed up on challonge.
  • The T.O.s have the right to refuse entry at their discretion.  
  • Once signed up your Switch name must remain the same throughout the tournament.



If you have an issue or query with any of the league or players, please DM Jen or Hubble on Discord. 

(Please do not tag them in any of the Public Discord channels (THIS INCLUDES any ADMINS/GROUP LEADERS, if they have any grievances too.) they will make sure to reply to queries in a timely manner)



We will try to stream as many games possible on our channel (Nintendo Players UK), although we are aware that this depends on how fast and how long a single game can run for.  We’d like to help in that area by letting people know when and where you are streaming those games, by posting on our social media channels. (most likely twitter & facebook) Therefore, we need as much notice as possible to be given for matches, so that we can work out a streaming schedule where possible, or be able to update our graphic to reflect upcoming matches.  We will try to provide an overlay specifically for the tournament, which should be versatile enough to add your own touches to it (Please ensure that all content is PG during that section of the stream). Although it is understood that we may not be able to stream 100% of matches. There is a dedicated channel for streaming, so budding commentators or hosts, please get in touch with Faz so he can help you get organised!

The Finals will be streamed on the NPUK main channel, all other games can be hosted by NPUK, but on players’ own channels. Players must save and upload their replays and send to Faz as soon as possible. This will not affect your own archives.

Please note that if you are streaming a match, we ask that you are NOT the host of the match. This reduces the chance of lag but Players can stream from POV as long as both teams agree.



Once all qualifiers have concluded, teams will be informed via the info channel on Discord about what happens next!  We encourage you that post-tournament you stick with us, make friends, play games and of course, be a part of your local community!

Happy Gaming!