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Nintendo Players UK presents - MEAN BEAN BLOCK MACHINE

Written by Faz_D

Dare you enter Nintendo Players UK’s MEAN BEAN BLOCK MACHINE? *Maniacal Laugh*

What is Puyo Puyo Tetris?

Two puzzle gaming juggernauts collide as Tetris®, one of the largest-selling and recognized brands in gaming history, and Puyo Puyo™ from SEGA have combined to create a fun-to-play, fast-paced, competitive party game like no other! It came to retailers in the Americas and Europe on the  Nintendo Switch™ in April 2017, and the game offers tons of gameplay styles - from single-player Adventure and Challenge modes to ferocious competition with up-to-four player Arcade modes, for tons of Tetris/Puyo variety.


A Nintendo Switch.

A copy of Puyo Puyo Tetris for the Nintendo Switch.

An active Nintendo Switch Online account.

A stable Internet Connection.

Apart of a Nintendo Players UK Community. Find your local one here: https://nintendoplayers.uk/find

Access to Discord, for setting up games between players: https://discordapp.com/invite/GnYhKK4

Max entrants: 32.


Timeframe & Contact

To take place during the month of November online. Pairs can arrange their own matches in a given time frame. (challonge will be made available so people can plan out when to play)

Signups will be made by emailing Jen [[email protected]] and stating name/Switch name and region that is being represented. Since this is a free-for-all event and we want to be inclusive, people can register under their own steam and not have to rely on local group admins to represent.

Finals will take place on Saturday 1st December from 8pm.

Arrangements and information will all be distributed and broadcast in the dedicated channel on the NPUK Discord Server. (There will be an open channel for anyone interested in news and a private channel only for those competing.)

Friend codes will need to be obtained between those who are playing each other. As much notice as possible needs to be given for matches so that we can work out a schedule where possible. 


Send an email with the following info attached to [email protected]. Deadline for sign-ups will be on the  31st of October 2018, 12:00 GMT.


Nintendo ID:

Friend code:

Nintendo Group Representing :



Tournament Setup-

Double elimination bracket. (Challonge will be the source of brackets)

Total entrants capped at 32.  Every player for themselves, but tagged to a region.

1 set = ONE win count 3 game. 

Regular Brackets - Best of 3 sets

GRAND Finals/Finals = Finalist on Losers side vs Finalist Winners Side, Best of 5 sets


Game  type: 

SWAP Mode settings: Any skin.

Lounge: Privacy locked,

Net speed: No filter.

Gameplay: Puyo Puyo Tetris Swap mode.

  • Win Count 3.
  • Swap time: default.
  • Hard Drop: default. (on)
  • Players: “Head two head” 

Note: If the game is streamed with a separate commentator then Players is set to 3 way.  The commentator must knock themselves out as soon as the game starts to prevent garbage damage building up.

The game host is decided between the players themselves. In the event that players can’t agree, a coin will be tossed by a TO. Friend codes will need to be obtained between those who are playing each other


We will try to stream as many games possible on our channel (Nintendo Players UK), although we are aware that this depends on how fast and how long a single game can run for. With that in mind, if you are free to stream your own games. We’d like to help in that area by letting people know when and where you are streaming those games, by posting on our social media channels. (most likely twitter & facebook) Therefore, we need as much notice as possible to be given for matches, so that we can work out a streaming schedule where possible, or update our graphic to reflect upcoming matches.  We will try to provide an overlay specifically for the tournament, which should be versatile enough to add your own touches to it (Please ensure that all content is PG during that section of the stream). Although it is understood that we may not be able to stream 100% of matches.

The Finals should be streamed on the NPUK main channel, all other games can be hosted by NPUK, but on players’ own channels. Players must save and upload their replays and sent to Faz as soon as possible. This will not affect your own archives.



While we would like to encourage friendly banter and taunting offline or in discord, we are against poor sportsmanship and abusive behaviour. Players are representing both Nintendo Players UK and the Puyo Puyo Tetris community as well. 



  • The below is based on the following:
  • Each set consists of up to 5 games. A player wins 3 games to win the set. (i.e. each won game is a star at the bottom of the screen).
  • A player wins 2 sets to win the match (except grand finals, where it is 3).
  • Upon any disconnection, take a screenshot using the capture button. Both members must inform a TO/admin as soon as possible, with accompanying screenshot. If the player that dc’ed is close to losing that game then they forfeit it, otherwise replay the game. (Final decision is at discretion of the TO.)
  • A new set is then created. Previously won games in a set still count (e.g. if Player 1 has won two games in a set before Player 2 disconnects in the third, Player 1 will only need to win one game in the new set.). You may wish to recreate the won/loss games prior to resuming play although it is not compulsory.
  • If a player disconnects three times, that player forfeits the entire match. However, If both players agree, they may continue to attempt to do the match if they wish. A TO/Admin should be informed for transparency on the matter.

Anyone found cheating/trying to fix matches will be instantly disqualified.


If for any reason, you know you are going to be late, or are not able to make your allocated match, you should contact your team leader/tournament organiser immediately, no later than an hour before the match. This is to ensure there is enough time to make any arrangements (i.e. requesting a delayed start). If you are late and no one has been notified, you will have to try and re-organise your time with your opponent, however, If you are a no show and no one has been notified (after 30 minutes) regardless of the reasons you’ll have to forfeit that game. Meaning you will be sent to the losers brackets or eliminated from the tournament if you are already there. 

DISCLAIMER: The rules may change, if you have questions or issues with the rules please contact Jen or ask your community leader to liaise with us. There may not be a huge change, however, we will try to facilitate where possible. The rules will be locked in on the 31st of October 2018, 12:00 pm GMT.

GDPR notice: Any information taken at the point of registration will be destroyed once the tournament has concluded. If at any point you wish to know what information of you we have, you can get in contact by using the email above ([email protected])

Games and brackets will be posted to our Twitter and Facebook, be sure to follow us there for updates to the tournaments. Once again we would like to thank all the local group admins from all around the UK and the volunteers who have put this tournament together. It couldn't be done without you.

Good Luck to everyone taking part and Happy Gaming!

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