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Nintendo Players UK presents - Spoil the Broth!

Written by StreetPass UK

Too Many Cooks... Spoil the Broth! 

Chefs, we have a massive banquet coming up real soon and we're looking for the best team to serve us the finest cuisine that pixels & polygons can offer. You will work together by cooking, cutting, swapping, throwing, burning, charring, cleaning, baking and leaping into a fiery kitchen.  You must outdo the other team, become the best chefs in the UK and remember, DON'T SPOIL THE BROTH!


What is Overcooked 2?

Overcooked 2 is a chaotic co-op cooking game for 1-4 players in which you must serve a variety of recipes including sushi, pasta, cakes, burgers and burritos to hungry customers in a series of unconventional kitchens. Whether it be a hot air balloon, a magical Wizard’s school or even another planet, you’ll have to be bready for anything. Work solo or with up to three friends to prep orders while overcoming obstacles such as fire, collapsing floors, overbearing waiters and of course, the classic kitchen problem of floating work surfaces.



A Nintendo Switch.

A copy of Overcooked 2 for the Nintendo Switch.

A Team of 2.

An active Nintendo Switch Online account.

A stable Internet Connection.

Be a part of a Nintendo Players UK Community. Find your local one here: https://nintendoplayers.uk/find

Access to Discord, for setting up games between players: https://discordapp.com/invite/p77gGNC

Max entrants: 32 pairs (64 players in total).

NOTE: Tournament will be taking place over the month of May, flexibility is important. Main tournament starts on Sunday 5th May.


Sign ups

Sign ups will begin from the 23rd of April - 3rd of May.

 The tournament will begin on the 5th of May!

  • To enter, apply as a pair (Group of 2).
  • Please get in touch with your group admin to say that you’re interested. Your group admin will then sort out interested parties, and either put your pair forward or run a mini qualifier if there is a lot of interest.
  • Each region can have 2 sepreate teams representing them.

To take part, contact your local NPUK group which you can find here: https://nintendoplayers.uk/find


Please be sure to provide the following information for both players:

Names (please nominate a principal contact):

Nintendo Switch ID's:

Friend codes:

Alternative Online Alias (discord names, twitch name):

Nintendo Group Representing :


For those that cannot find a partner, we will allow for single entries and we'll try to pair you up with another. However, this must be quick so we can inform you of a partner or any mini qualifiers that may take place in a local region. This can be done via email to [email protected] This applies to areas with inactive admins as well.

Please contact your local leader first before emailing and remember we will be using our Discord Server to set up games: https://discordapp.com/invite/GnYhKK4

Lastly, teams can share a single Switch to play at their own descretion. (ONE TEAM with both players playing on ONE NINTENDO SWITCH) However you must play as the same character. This is to prevent confusion and differentiate the teams though the risk here is that you may end up confuse yourselves for each other. Just coz you have the same hat, doesn't mean you're the same chef! 


GDPR: For the tournament, NPUK will keep a database of entry details for purposes of running the tournament, with a reduced version (name and discord tag) in the competitor's channel. Once the tournament has concluded, the details database will be removed. 


Entering means you will abide by the rules laid out by the Nintendo Players UK Admin and Tournament Organisers. 

100% Online Tournament

Match types- 2v2 Matches

Double Elimination

Playoffs- Best of 3 

Finals- Best of 5 - (Around 5 minutes)

DLC not required.

Stages will progress in difficulty throughout the tournament, but the round’s actual stage will be decided once signups have closed.

Ravenous rapids, Sushi City, Buffet Ballon, Gourmet Galaxy, Moreish Mines and Conjurers' Kitchen.

Games will be set up and organised through the Nintendo Players UK Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/GnYhKK4

Once games have been played both teams need to report the score to the Tournament Organiser.



This tournament is supported by Team 17, Symbiote Studios and Nintendo UK 

We have prizes for the top cooks!

  • The Overcooked2 DLC Surf n Turf
  • E-shop Vouchers  
  • An Overcooked 2 Kevin the Dog Plushie provided by Symbiote Studios!



We will try to stream as many games possible on our channel (Nintendo Players UK), although we are aware that this depends on how fast and how long a single game can run for. With that in mind, if you are free to stream your own games. We’d like to help in that area by letting people know when and where you are streaming those games, by posting on our social media channels. (most likely twitter & facebook) Therefore, we need as much notice as possible to be given for matches, so that we can work out a streaming schedule where possible, or update our graphic to reflect upcoming matches.  We will try to provide an overlay specifically for the tournament, which should be versatile enough to add your own touches to it (Please ensure that all content is PG during that section of the stream). Although it is understood that we may not be able to stream 100% of matches.



While we would like to encourage friendly banter and taunting offline or in discord, we are against poor sportsmanship and abusive behaviour. Players are representing both Nintendo Players UK and the Overcooked community as well. 



If for any reason, you know you are going to be late, or are not able to make your allocated match, you should contact an admin/TO immediately, no later than an hour before the match. This is to ensure enough time to make any arrangements (i.e. requesting a delayed start). If you are late and no one has been notified, you will have to try and re-organise your time with your opponent, however, If you are a no show and no one has been notified (after 30 minutes) regardless of the reasons you’ll have to forfeit that game. Most communication can be done through the Discord.



  • Upon any disconnection, take a screenshot using the capture button. Both members must inform a TO/admin as soon as possible, with accompanying screenshot. If the player that DC’ed is close to losing that game then they forfeit it, otherwise replay the game. (Final decision is at the discretion of the TO.)
  • A new game is then created. Previously won games in a match still count (e.g. if Player 1 has won two games in a match before Player 2 disconnects in the third, Player 1 will only need to win one game in the new set.). You may wish to recreate the won/loss games prior to resuming play although it is not compulsory.
  • If a player disconnects three times, that player forfeits the entire match. However, If both players agree, they may continue to attempt to do the match if they wish. A TO/Admin should be informed for transparency on the matter.

Anyone found cheating/trying to fix matches will be instantly disqualified.


Alright Chefs, you have your tools, you have your ingredients and you have your partner. We're starving to see the competition and the food ain't gonna make itself!

Good luck to you all and don't "SPOIL THE BROTH"!