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Nintendo Players UK Presents, Island Paradise - An Animal Crossing Contest!

Written by StreetPass UK

Animal Crossing fans, you’ve finally taken the flight to new horizons, no doubt crafting an experience for your new and old friends alike. However, like any good getaway there are activities and challenges for you to take part in! So, the NPUK Archipelago has come together to find who has the best villagers across the UK isles. Which group is truly an oasis, an Island Paradise?

Spread throughout the UK, between 21st March -18th April, some of the Nintendo Players’ Groups will be hosting special Animal Crossing Events with exciting opportunities. 

Initially you need to attend 1 of the 16 events happening around the country. (You can enter in more than one region, but you cannot win twice.)


What you will need:

  • A Switch/Switch Lite console.
  • Nintendo Switch Online. (This is required for the semi finals, but not necessarily for the regional events. Please check with your local admin team if unsure.)
  • A copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  • Flexibility for 21st or 22nd April, and 25th April
  • If you have Animal Crossing amiibo/Cards, this could be helpful, but is not essential. 
  • Access to Discord -https://discord.gg/p77gGNC
  • Challenge 1 is a solo challenge, challenge 2 is community based, and challenge 3 depends on the event you’re attending. Please check the relevant event page for more info. 


The Challenges!

The groups will be running a few challenges throughout the day. 

Challenge 1!

The first challenge is to catch the biggest fish. This specific fish will be declared on Friday 20th March. (and updated in the ruleset). 

  • You will have 3 attempts to declare your fish to the group leader during the event. The winner with the biggest fish of the day will move on to the next round. 
  • The winners of each local event will be contacted via the NPUK Discord server (discord.gg/p77gGNC), and the semi final arrangements will be sorted there on a dedicated channel. (more details to follow) 
  • The winner from the online semi final will earn a spot for the event at The Metronome, Nottingham on the 25th April. The overall winner at Nottingham will receive a special prize. (TBC)

If you wish to take part in the first challenge, you will need to be available online either on the evening of Tuesday 21st or Wednesday 22nd April, with the ability to attend a final in Nottingham on Saturday 25th April. 


Challenge 2!

The second challenge is a collective one, where you need to design the best island as a group.

- You can design your potential Island from the 2nd of March, and share your ideas on any of our socials using #NPUKIslandParadise or tag @nintendoplayuk on twitter. A graphic has been provided below for some ideas.

- The winner will be decided by their individual community and submitted to Nintendo UK via your group admin by 20th April. Nintendo UK will pick and announce an overall winner on 30th April. 

- More details and criteria on this will follow soon,but use the time before release to get some potential ideas together!


(Map example add stickers or even terraform the whole thing!)

Challenge 3!

The third challenge is unique to each region, so please check out their local event pages for more details. 



Online or Offline?

  • The challenges are via your local events offline. The semi final for challenge 1 is online. The grand final for challenge 1 is offline. 
  • Challenge 2 is mainly online but will be a collaborative effort through the community groups. Whether this is online or offline will depend on your local community. Please check their event pages for more info.
  • Challenge 3 is offline. (Please check your local event page for more details.)


How Many Competitions can I enter? 

  • If travelling is your thing, you may enter in multiple regions, but you are not allowed to win more than once. A winners’ list will be made available to view in the Discord server. 


What If I Can’t Make the Final?

  • If you aren’t able to attend the semi final/final in Nottingham then your place may be offered to the runner(s) up at the admin/TO’s discretion.  


What time do the Events Start?

  • Please check your relevant region’s event page for details on start times.
  • The semi finals will take place in the evenings of either 21st or 22nd April, but time is negotiable. 
  • The event in Nottingham for the final, begins at 11am on 25th April. (Time of actual final tbc)


Will I Need Nintendo Switch Online?

  • You will need Nintendo Switch Online Membership for the semi finals of challenge 1 and to take part in challenge 2.