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Nintendo Players UK's ARMS National Launch Tournament!

Written by StreetPass UK

It’s time to spring into action and arm yourself; we’re proud to announce that Nintendo Players UK affiliated groups all over the UK are coming together to celebrate the launch of Nintendo’s new frantic fighting creation for Nintendo Switch, ARMS, by holding a national tournament, with some awesome prizes up for the taking!

Nintendo Players UK groups (formally StreetPass Groups. The change is a slow one, we’re aware that the wallpaper here is outdated) around the country will be holding qualifying tournaments over the coming weeks in a variety of locations. As it’s early in the life of ARMS the rules, visible below, are perfectly enjoyable on a fresh copy of the game and, as such, you do not need to own a Nintendo Switch, the game, or mutated spring/noodle/chain/gloop arms to enter a qualifier; just turn up to a qualifying event and sign up! Please see individual groups for specific event details as certain specific details, such as player caps, may vary from event to event.

The winners from each individual qualifier will be invited to Insomnia 61 in August for a grand final, where the 16 champions will fight it out to become the Nintendo Players UK ARMS Champion 2017! This event will also be livestreamed, so stick around for more information on where you can watch the fierce fisticuffs unfold, as the matches are sure to be intense and offer a good insight into the emerging tactics in Nintendo’s latest competitive delight that’s sure to feature at many events to come… The winner will bag themselves a championship belt and a pair of yellow Joy-Cons, supplied by Nintendo UK, too and potentially more besides!

So when and where are these events, we hope we hear you cry? Why, in the places below, young ARMS hopeful!


Regional Qualifiers

Click the group name to see the event on Facebook.


Nintendo Nottingham

Nintendo Belfast

Nintendo Preston



Nintendo Southend



Nintendo Basingstoke

Nintendo Newcastle

Nintendo Gloucester

Switch London

Nintendo Norwich

Nintendo South Wales



Nintendo Birmingham

Nintendo Durham

StreetPass Liverpool



Nintendo North Wales

Nintendo Portsmouth



Battlefield Glasgow



Format:                   1v1
Match:                     Best of 3 games
Stage Selection:     Spring Stadium for first game, then losers pick (all allowed).
Characters:             Any
ARMS:                     Default only
Control scheme:     Any (motion control will be available. If you wish to use a pro controller then please bring it with you as some events may not be able to supply one)

Time:                         99
Winner:                     First to 2 Wins
Items:                        Off
HP:                             Normal
Rush Gauge:             Normal



Q – Do I need my own Nintendo Switch and a copy of ARMS?
A – Please check with your local group for a definitive answer, but as ARMS is a 1v1 fighting game, every Switch at an event will act as a setup. If you can take a Switch to an event, it may help it run smoother, but a Switch is not necessary. If you prefer to play on a specific controller, however, we recommend supplying that…

Q – What prizes are in store?
A – Individual event prizes TBC, but winning a regional event will secure your position at the Grand Final.

Q – When will the final be?
A – Insomnia 61, likely August 27th, but we shall confirm the specific date closer to the event.

Q – Will I need to buy a ticket/pay travel?
A – Tickets for Insomnia will be supplied. Travel stipends are currently in discussion (particularly for further afield groups).

Q – I qualified but can’t make the final due to reasons.
A – Your place will be passed on to the second place competitor at the event or, failing that, your position will be played for at Insomnia.

Q – I’ve already qualified, can I compete at another event?
A – You can compete, just to save event organisers the stress of checking against qualified players, but your qualifying place will go to the next highest ranking player that is yet to qualify.

Q – Why isn’t there a qualifier near me/in my town/on my front door!?
A – The sixteen qualifiers chosen were based on a mix of first come, first served, and those that represent a strong spread of active Nintendo Players UK groups. To find an unofficial Nintendo Community group near you to complain to directly, or see if your area lacks a group (a good impetus to start one yourself), check our community map here: /find/

Q – I’ve got a super specific question about this thing that you haven’t thought of!
A – Oooh that’s a great question! If you could write it down in the comments we’ll try our best to get an answer for you as soon as possible. Or throw it at your local group via Facebook.

And with that there’s nothing else left to say apart from get flexing, and good luck!