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NPUK Building the Kingdom - World 5: Flattened 3D All-Stars

Written by triforceguy1

Though Super Mario 3D All-Stars launched just under two months ago now, some may have come to wonder what exactly would these classic games would look like if Mario never made the jump into 3D. Well, that's exactly what Builder Mario has been thinking too, and he even has a new commission for you to complete in Super Mario Maker 2. He even has three Super Mario plush toys up for grabs for the flattest thinkers out there!

The Commission - Flattened Super Mario 3D All-Stars

With the 35th Anniversary celebrations well underway, we have a special request from the plumber himself, Mario. Having relived some of his greatest 3D adventures with Super Mario 3D All-Stars, he has gotten curious about what some of these outings would look like in glorious 2D. 

What if you had to scale Tall, Tall Mountain in side-scrolling style, discover the secret of Hotel Delfino on an 8-bit spectrum, or prance around Gusty Garden Galaxy while obeying the laws of gravity?

Once you’ve figured that out, it’s your job to build it up using everything Super Mario Maker 2 has to offer.

Level Checklist

  • The level can use any theme and game style available on Super Mario Maker 2
  • Want to replicate earning a Power Star or Shine Sprite? Though not compulsory, why not try adding a Clear Condition… perhaps Petey Piranha deployed an army of Piranha Plants that all need to be defeated before completing the level!
  • Courses must be clearly inspired by stages, courses, and worlds in Super Mario 3D All-Stars”

Competition Summary


Submissions start Monday 9th November from 5pm (that's today... as in, right now!) and are open until Friday 27th November at 5pm.

To enter, players must create a course in Super Mario Maker 2 that fits the criteria of the above commission. Levels can be submitted in one of two ways:

  • If you are part of an NPUK community, please submit your level name and ID to your local community admin.
  • If you are NOT part of a NPUK community, please post a tweet tagging #SuperMarioMaker2 and @NintendoPlayUK along with your level name and ID. 

Please note that you can only submit one level per competition using only one method of entry, but we will always use your most recently submitted level.
Additionally, the competition is only open to residents of the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Once the deadline has passed, two (2) levels from each community will be voted on by their respective group, and ten (10) levels from non-community members will be voted on by a NPUK panel. These levels will then go through to a national vote. During all voting periods, each level will be judged with the following factors in mind:

  • Fun Factor - is your level fun? Really difficult levels may decrease your fun factor.
  • Theming - how well does your level fit the commission criteria?
  • Design - Does it feel unique? Does it feel broken?
  • Aesthetics - Does your level look good? Does it sound good?

The community vote will start on Monday 30th November from 5pm and ends on Monday 7th December at 5pm.

The shortlisted levels will then go onto a national vote. This will last for a period of seven (7) days, and the three (3) levels with the highest amount of votes will claim victory. Users will use a Google Form to vote for their first, second, and third favourite levels from the mix. The national vote will begin on Friday 11th December from 5pm and end on Friday 18th December at 5pm. Depending on how many levels are submitted and other factors could cause a slight delay, but these will be communicated as soon as possible.


The top three submissions by the end of the competition will win themselves a Jumbo Super Mario Soft Toy like the one pictured below courtesy of Nintendo UK.

General Rules

Please ensure you follow these general rules. They are put into place to ensure the competition remains fair and in good sportsmanship:

  • This competition is only open to residents of the United Kingdom or Ireland
  • Levels MUST be created using Super Mario Maker 2 for Nintendo Switch family systems
  • If submitting to Twitter, please make sure you do so from a public account using the tags #SuperMarioMaker2 and @NintendoPlayUK
  • Do not spam your submissions (i.e. constantly sending your submission/s in, you only need to send it in once unless you have made any edits to it)
  • Do not insert any profanity, inappropriate theming, or anything else deemed inappropriate… remember, the game is rated PEGI 3
  • Do not submit levels under multiple accounts
  • Do not submit another player’s level as your own
  • Do not submit levels using both methods, your NPUK entry will always be prioritised
  • Do not exploit any glitches or hacks
  • Do not beg for or trade votes… just let people vote for what levels they really enjoyed
  • Please remain civil about other people’s submissions
  • Eat some cake, stop pollution, and reach for the stars! :)