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Written by Adam Williams

Win one of two 2000 My Nintendo Gold Point Codes!


With Pokémon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet out on Nintendo Switch this month, a travelling Smeargle has proposed NPUK host an art competition to celebrate the game's release!


With Pokémon Scarlet’s Cover Legendary Koraidon representing “Tradition”, and Pokémon Violet’s Cover Legendary Miraidon representing “Technology”, we thought this would be a great opportunity to host an art competition with both Tradition and Digital as categories.


Smeargle wants to see people create an original Pokémon-themed art piece, using either Traditional or Digital art methods, depending on which category you'd like to enter. We are giving away 2x 2000 My Nintendo Gold Points, each worth £20 in Nintendo eShop credit, for our favourite Traditional and Digital Pokémon art pieces.


To enter, tweet @NintendoPlayUK with your original Pokemon-themed art piece, and include the the hashtag #ScarletPaldeanGallery for Traditional art or #VioletPaldeanGallery for Digital art. 


Below are some examples of Traditional and Digital art:


  • Pencil/Pen sketches

  • Papier maché

  • Clay

  • Homemade Cosplay

  • Painting

  • Paper craft

  • Crochet/knitting/felting


  • Digital painting/drawings

  • 3D printed items/models

  • Cosplay shots with photoshop effects.

This competition will be accepting entries from 5PM GMT, 7th November 2022, until 5PM GMT, 25th November 2022.


Once the competition closes, Smeargle, Grafaiai and our judges will go through all entries and pick one favourite piece of Traditional art and one favourite piece of Digital art. Winners will be declared on NPUK social media channels at 5PM on the 27th November 2022.



  • Open to Pokémon artists in the UK and IRE only.

  • Art pieces must be original creations. Please do not submit someone else's art.

  • You can enter both competitions, however you cannot win both competitions

  • Art must be family friendly. 18+ will not be accepted.

  • Please sign or write your name on the artwork to authenticate that it is your creation. This can be done in the corner of the piece, or via the application of a transparent digital watermark for example.


Nintendo Players UK and Smeargle can't wait to see what you submit!


Competition created by Adam Williams
Article by Adam Williams

Edited by Adam Williams, Mark McAllister, Jen Griffiths and Paul L. Russell
Competition Graphic by Paul L. Russell