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Pokémon Legends: Arceus - NPUK Hisuian Snapshot Contest

Written by MarcoosVGC

Professor Laventon is lending you his trusty camera to conduct photographic research around the Hisui Region!  

Using the Nintendo Switch Capture button, take a photo in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that matches the weekly theme, and upload it to Twitter.

Be sure to tag @NintendoPlayersUK and include the hashtag #NPUKHisuiSnap to secure your entry into the prize draw to win one of three Hisuian Starter Plushies! 

The contest runs for 4 weeks, with a different theme each week. Players can submit one photo each week, for a total of 4 prize draw entries overall. 

Weekly Themes

Theme 1 - Team

  • Show off your favourite Pokemon partners, or the Pokemon in your team 
  • Start Date - Friday 11th February, 6PM.
  • End Date - Thursday 17th February, 6PM.

Theme 2 - Nature

  • Capture an image of Pokémon in their natural habitat
  • Start Date - Friday 18th February, 6PM.
  • End Date - Thursday 24th February, 6PM.

Theme 3 - Battle

  • Upload a screenshot or a video clip of a Pokemon battle from your adventure!
  • Start Date - Friday 25th February, 6PM.
  • End Date - Thursday 3rd March, 6PM.

Theme 4 - Vista

  • Express how beautiful the landscape of Hisui is in picture form
  • Start Date - Friday 4th March, 6PM.
  • End Date - Thursday 10th March, 6PM.


Up for grabs are plushies of the Hisui starter Pokémon, Cyndaquil, Oshawott and Rowlet!

1x winner will be chosen by the NPUK admin team, who will vote for their favourite overall submission. 2x additional winners will be chosen via a random prize draw from all valid entries.

Laventon's Helpful Snapshot Tips!

  • You can hold down the ZL button to switch to a first-person camera mode. Perfect for zooming in on subjects, and ensuring the player character is absent from photos.
  • Enable "HUD Toggling" in the in-game settings. This allows you to remove the information overlay by clicking-in the right control stick.

Good luck to all, and get snapping!

Participants can submit one image per theme, for a total of 4 entries. Please make sure your Twitter account is public during the competition time, so your entry can count.
Winners will be contacted via Twitter DMs within 1 week of the competition closing. If you do not respond within 72 hours, the prize will be redrawn.
The contest is open to Pokemon Legends: Arceus players in the UK and Ireland only.
Please note the prizes are due for release mid April 2022. Prizes kindly provided by the My Nintendo Store UK.

Written by Mark McAllister
Graphics by Paul Russell
Original Concept by Mark McAllister & Will Ince