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Score Some Gold Coins in the NPUK WarioWare Takeover!

Written by Leon Fletcher

WAHHHHH! It’s-a me, Wario, and I’m taking over NPUK for the launch of my brand new game for Nintendo Switch: WarioWare: Get It Together. It’s got my name on it, so you know it’s gotta be good.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, you have probably noticed Nintendo secretly released a demo for my game, FOR FREE! Apparently, some of you don’t trust my word and need a free sample of the many microgames I’ve developed myself with absolutely no help from my friends… okay, maybe they helped a little.

To celebrate (and definitely not get some free promotion) I want you to capture your highest score in the demo. Dump video evidence of those scores on that blue bird site… uhhh, Twitter, using the tag #NPUKWariowareTakeover, and the highest-scoring player before 6pm on Friday 10th September will win 1,000 MyNintendo Gold Coins (worth £10)… that better not be from my super-secret stash!


I’ve heard some of you like lists, so use this to remind yourself how to enter:

  • Step 1 - Play my Demo
      • Launch my demo for Warioware Get It Together and play through the microgames.
      • Don’t have the demo? That’s crazy, luckily you can download it for FREE from the Nintendo Switch eShop… don’t say I never treat ya!
  • Step 2 - Capture your glory
      • Once you reach the Game Over screen, hold onto that capture button (the little square thingie on your controller) to record a 30-second capture… make sure your final score is included!
  • Step 3 - Tweet about it
      • Head to your capture gallery and upload the video to Twitter using the tag #NPUKWariowareTakeover before 6pm on Friday 10th September 2021
      • If you want to throw in a #WarioIsGreat, I won’t be mad… though I’m told this sort of bribery isn’t acceptable here… lame!
  • Step 4 - Profit
      • If you are the highest-scoring player before the deadline then you'll win 1,000 MyNintendo Gold Coins (worth £10)

What are you waiting for? Go get playing my demo and let’s see who’s the best player out there is… best player after me of course!

General Rules

  • Competition can be entered multiple times
  • The competition begins on Monday 30th August at 6pm BST and concludes on Friday 10th September at 6pm BST
  • Entry is exclusive to residents living in the UK and Ireland
  • Players can use any mode available in the demo to enter
  • To enter, take a video capture at the end of playing the Warioware Get It Together demo with your final score and upload it to Twitter using the tag #NPUKWariowareTakeover
  • The highest-scoring player will win 1,000 MyNintendo Gold Coins (worth £10)
  • In the event of multiple people achieving the same high score, a winner will be picked at random from those entries
  • Winners will be announced within 24 hours of competition close
  • Prizes must be claimed within 48 hours of notification or risk a runner-up being chosen instead
  • No substitutes for the prize are available
  • Any entries containing inappropriate material or that demonstrates unlawful modification of hardware or software will be disqualified

Bribing Wario in any fashion will NOT increase your chances of winning


Competition organised and written by Wario... heavily supervised by Leon Fletcher
Graphics created by Paul L Russell