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Sign Ups Now LIVE for Squid League 2021

Written by Jen

Cephalopods of all ages! We return once again to find the freshest Splatoon 2 teams from around the UK, whether  you're young or old, newcomer or veteran! It's back with some new zest to Stay Fresh! It's time for the NPUK Squid League 2021!


Does your quartet have a thirst for inking glory?! Nintendo Players groups around the UK and Ireland are looking for teams, so check out your local group to see if they are participating in the online Squid League, and join in!


To read the official ruleset, please check it HERE





  • All teams members entering must be resident in the UK/Ireland.
  • All players must join the NPUK discord
  • At least one team member must be an active NPUK member (i.e. has taken part in an NPUK or NPUK regional event in the past year)
  • You will need to provide the following information on the registration form:


[1] Team Captain - Name, Switch profile name, discord username and friend code. 

[2] Vice Captain  - Name, Switch profile name, discord username and friend code. 

[3]Team Members - 8 max in team. Name, Switch profile name, discord username, friend code.

[4] Region Representing - Required for UK/Ireland residency rule.
[5] Team Name - Enter a team name. If you can’t decide on one you can use your community name.

[6] Which NPUK Community? (or the individual who is the active member)
[7] Confirmation - Confirm rules have been read by all team members.


You can access the sign up form HERE

If you plan to stream you can sign up as a streamer HERE





  • All teams are put into a swiss league
    • Swiss League format (4 Weeks) [Catch Up week possible if need be] 
      • Matches are BO7
      • Matches are randomly generated
      • As the round proceeds you play a team on a similar level to you
      • 4 rounds are played to create a seeding system
      • The table will be split into 2 to create a upper and lower Knockouts
    • Knockouts (4 weeks)
      • Single Elimination
      • Matches are BO7
      • Semi and Finals BO9
      • Two brackets lower and upper (Determined by the Swiss League Results)
      • Games are played as soon as is feasible. 
  • Lower Final will be played followed by Upper Final on the last weekend either on the same day or separate depending on team's availability.



  • Registration: 1st July - 16th July
  • Swiss Stage: 18th July - 21st August
  • Knockout Stage: 22nd August - 17th September
  • FINALS: 18th September - 19th September


It is your responsibility as a participant to make sure you have read all the rules before signing up.